History of cavalry

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Detaille 4th French hussar at Friedland.jpg


Antique Asia and Middle-East cavalry[edit]

Cavalry in the pre-roman Mediterranean civilizations[edit]

Roman Era : roman cavalry and ennemies of Rome[edit]

Byzantine Era[edit]

Dark Ages cavalry[edit]

Middle Ages in Europe[edit]

Renaissance in Europe[edit]

17th century in Europe[edit]

18th century in Europe[edit]

Napoleonic period[edit]

19th century in Europe[edit]

19th century in America[edit]

North America[edit]

Latin America[edit]

Cavalry in Ancient China[edit]

Mongol cavalry[edit]

Islamic world[edit]

Cavalry in Ancient Japan[edit]

Ancient native cavalry[edit]

Early 20th century cavalry[edit]

World War I[edit]

Interwar period[edit]

World War II[edit]

Modern cavalry[edit]