Hobart's Funnies

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Major General Sir Percy Cleghorn Stanley Hobart commander of 79th Armoured Division, who was made responsible in March 1943 for the development of specialised armoured vehicles, known as 'Hobart's Funnies', to spearhead the assault phase of the invasion
English: Hobart's Funnies were a number of unusually modified tanks operated by the 79th Armoured Division, with specialists from the Royal Engineers. They were designed in light of experiences during the Dieppe Raid to overcome the problems of the planned Invasion of Normandy and played a major part on the Commonwealth beaches during the landings. They may be considered the forerunners of the modern Combat engineering vehicle.

Churchill Crocodile[ред.]

Armoured Vehicle, Royal Engineers - AVRE[ред.]

Armoured Ramp Carrier - ARC[ред.]


Armoured Bulldozer/Centaur Bulldozer[ред.]

Beach Armoured Recovery Vehicle - BARV[ред.]

See also: Sherman BARV

DD tank[ред.]