Horse tack

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Here are collected thumbs about horse tack.

Halfter, Gebiß, Zaumzeug/Bits, Bridles, Halters[bewerken]

Curb bit[bewerken]

Curb bits are bits that have shanks and use leverage, regardless of mouthpiece. A curb bit might have a jointed mouthpiece or a solid mouthpiece.

Combination designs, curb and snaffle pressure[bewerken]

A bridle may be able to apply both snaffle and curb leverage, depending on the bits used and where the reins are attached to them.

Snaffle Bit[bewerken]

Snaffle bits are bits that use direct pressure without leverage, regardless of mouthpiece. Not all snaffle bits have jointed mouthpieces, and a bit with a jointed mouthpiece is not always a snaffle, it depends on the type of leverage.

Snaffle bridles[bewerken]

Double (Weymouth) bridles[bewerken]

Gag bits[bewerken]

Western Bridles[bewerken]


Historic bits[bewerken]