Houses in Sycamore Historic District

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These houses in the Sycamore Historic District, in Sycamore, Illinois, United States, are listed as contributing properties to the district by the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

124 Ottawa St.[edit]
134 Ottawa St.[edit]
202 Maple St.[edit]
312 Somonauk St.[edit]
314 S. Main St.[edit]
328 Somonauk St.[edit]
413 Somonauk St.[edit]
418 W. High[edit]
437 Somonauk St.[edit]
512 S. Main St.[edit]
530 S. Main St.[edit]
719 Somonauk St.[edit]
Abram Ellwood House[edit]
Byers/Faissler House[edit]
Captain R.A. Smith House[edit]
Carlos Lattin House[edit]
Chappell-Whittemore House[edit]
Charles O. Boynton House[edit]
Charles O. Boynton Carriage House[edit]
Charles Kellum House[edit]
Chauncey Ellwood House[edit]
David DeGraff House[edit]
David Syme House[edit]
D.B. James Residence[edit]
Dr. Clark House[edit]
Dr. Olin Smith House[edit]
Dr. Orlando M. Bryan House[edit]
Elmore Cooper House[edit]
Esther Mae Nesbitt House[edit]
Floyd E. Brower House[edit]
Frederick Townsend Residence[edit]
General Daniel Dustin House[edit]
George Wild House[edit]
Henry Garbutt House[edit]
Hosea Willard House[edit]
James Ellwood House[edit]
J.H. Rogers Residence[edit]
John Gathercoal House[edit]
Row Houses[edit]
Stephens House[edit]
Universalist Church/Arthur Stark House[edit]
Wally Thurow House[edit]
William McAllister House[edit]
William Phelps House[edit]
William Robinson House[edit]
William Robinson/Elzey Young House[edit]