Houses of Swedish Royalty before 1440

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Other Swedish houses before 1440 include the following royal dynasties.

  • Dynasty or dynasties from Upland of various names until 1061
  • Steinchetellian dynasty Stenkilska ätten until 1130
  • House of Estrith Estridska ätten of Danish origin, intermittently until 1396
  • Sweartgarian dynasty Sverkerska ätten, intermittently until 1222
  • Erican dynasty Erikska ätten, intermittently until 1250
  • Bielbo dynasty Bjälboätten until 1364 - has its own category
  • House of Sverrir Sverreätten of Norwegian origin, interregnum 1318-1319
  • Nicholan dynasty of German origin (Mecklenburg) until 1389
  • House of Gryf or Griffin of Polish origin (Pomerania) until 1439