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Following is a tutorial in deriving Human body diagrams using Inkscape, a free vector graphics editor application, distributed under a free software license, the GNU General Public License. This tutorial was made using Inkscape version 0.48, May 2011

1. Install Inkscape at

2. Download any of the following templates and open it in Inkscape:

Female shadow/silhouette.
Man shadow/silhouette.
Step 2: Image opened in Inkscape.

3. Delete items that are not necessary by first selecting them by left-clicking on the mouse, and then pressing Del on the keyboard or left-click to get the Delete option from the task menu. Organs and their labels are deleted separately.

Step 3

4. To reach organs behind, for example, the intestines, this image can be temporarly moved to the side by holding the left button of the mouse while dragging it. Pressing down Ctrl during this process will keep it at the same vertical level, which will facilitate reinertion to the accurate place afterwards, as the horizontal location is found where it is symmetrically in the middle of the body.

Step 4

5. Opacity of selected objects can be changed at bottom left.

Step 5.

6. Texts are editable by a left double-click on the mouse, and can be moved afterwards, if necessary, by pressing F1 and dragging them by left mouse button.

Step 6.

7. Lines are editable by a left double-click on the mouse

Step 7.

8. Individual path points can subsequently be selected in group by holding the left button on the mouse pressed while dragging to make a selecting rectangle.

Step 8.

9. Subsequently holding Ctrl pressed down while pressing the left button on the mouse over one of the points and keeping it pressed down while dragging will move the points together.

Step 9.

10. The size of the image can be adapted to fit image better, by first holding the cursor at the appropriate width and checking the coordinates for that width.

Step 10.

11. Those coordinates (the X-coordinate in this example) are put as width or height in Document Properties. Sometimes, the entire image needs to be moved to fit properly in the frame, and is done so by pressing Ctrl+A, then dragging the image with the left button of the mouse.

Step 11.

12. The image can be exported to various file formats in "Export Bitmap".

Step 12.

13. It can be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons or Wikipedia either directly as Inkscape file (.svg) or as an exported bitmap (such as .png). See Special:UploadWizard.

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