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IT-ceum is a computer museum located in Linköping, Sweden. These are some pictures from the museum.

The showroom in Mjärdevi closed in 2009 and will reopen in 2010 as part of Östergötlands länsmuseum downtown.


Table-top all-transistorized computer Datasaab D2. This one-of-its-kind computer (1960) was a prototype both for the following mainframe series D21, D22, D23 and for the aircraft computer CK37 mentioned below (the result of a decade of miniaturization).


Aircraft computer CK37, as mounted in Saab 37 Viggen. Components were mounted in frames, because printed circuit boards would break as the forces of the jet fighter deforms every box in the aircraft.



Tord Jöran Hallberg presenting and signing his new book IT-gryning on March 14, 2007.