Illustrations of Himalayan plants

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Content from Illustrations of Himalayan plants : chiefly selected from drawings made for the late J.F. Cathcart, of the Bengal Civil Service / the descriptions and analyses by J.D. Hooker ; the plates executed by W.H. Fitch by Hooker, Joseph Dalton; Cathcart, John Fergusson; and Fitch, Walter Hood. Publisher: London : L. Reeve, 1855. Source: [1]

Hodgsonia heteroclita[edit]

Magnolia campbellii[edit]

Talauma hodgsonii[edit]

Michelia cathcartii[edit]


Decaisnea insignis[edit]

Duabanga sonneratioides[edit]

Aucuba Himalaica[edit]




Æschynanthes peelii[edit]

Buddleia colvilei[edit]

Rheum nobile[edit]

Quercus lamellosa[edit]

Larix griffithii[edit]

Cyrtosia (Erythrorchis) lindleyana[edit]

Vanda cathcarti[edit]

==Paris polyphylla==