Images from Bancroft's History of Utah

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This is a list of the images that were published in the 1889 edition of Hubert Howe Bancroft's History of Utah, 1540–1886. The images are listed in order of appearance.

Chapter 1[edit]

Page 5

Probable Route of Cárdenas.

Page 6

Map from Magin, 1611.

Page 7

Map by John Harris, 1705.

Page 10

Escalante's Route from Santa Fé to Utah Lake.

Page 13

Timpanogos Valley.

Chapter 2[edit]

Page 19

Map of Utah, 1826.

Page 24

Green River Country.

Page 26

Bonneville's Map, 1837.

Page 27

Utah and Nevada, 1795.

Rector's Map, 1818.

Page 28

Finley's Map, 1826.

Chapter 5[edit]

Page 121

The War in Missouri.

Page 136

Settlements in Illinois.

Chapter 8[edit]

Page 222

Between the Mississippi and Missouri.

Chapter 9[edit]

Chapter 10[edit]

Page 254 Route of the Mormons.

Page 255

Corral of Wagons.

Chapter 11[edit]

Page 277

Fort, Great Salt Lake City, 1848.

Chapter 13[edit]

Page 306

Settlements at the End of 1852.

Chapter 17[edit]

Page 460

Territorial Seal.

Page 469

Site of the Gunnison Massacre.

Chapter 19[edit]

Chapter 20[edit]

Page 550

Mountain Meadows.

Chapter 21[edit]

Page 580

Salt Lake City in 1860.

Chapter 26[edit]