Images from The Beginner's American History

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This is a list of the images that were published in the 1904 edition of David H. Montgomery's The Beginner's American History. The images are listed in order of appearance.


The National Capitol

Chapter 1[edit]

Page 1

Columbus as a Boy

(From the statue in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.)

Page 5

Columbus begging at the Convent

Page 7

Columbus refuses to turn back

Page 10

Landing of Columbus

Chapter 2[edit]

Page 16

Cabot taking Possession for England

Chapter 3[edit]

Page 20

De Soto's First View of the Mississippi

Page 21

Old Spanish Gateway at St. Augustine

(Called the "City Gate.")

Chapter 4[edit]

Page 22

Sir Walter Raleigh

Page 24

The First Pipe of Tobacco

(Raleigh's servant thought his master was on fire.)


Page 43

Liberty enlightening the World

(A statue in the harbor of New York City, given to the American people by the people of France.)

Page 73

Indian Attack on a Settlement

(The building on the right is a block-house, or fort made of hewn logs. These block-houses were built as places of refuge for the settlers, in case of an attack on the town by the Indians.)

Facing page 102

“Yankee Doodle” or The Spirit of '76

Facing page 114

Paul Revere's Ride

Facing page 194

Battle of New Orleans

(By Act of Congress of 1794 the number of stars and stripes on the national flag was fixed at fifteen, to correspond with the whole number of states then in the Union; the flag remained unchanged until 1818, when the present arrangement was adopted, namely, thirteen stripes, and a star for every state.)

Chapter 29[edit]

Page 241

The Meeting of the Engines from the East and the West after the Last Spike was driven on the Completion of the First Railroad to the Pacific in 1869

Page 242

How they used to shoot Buffalo in the Far West

Page 243

Indians attacking a Stage-Coach in the Far West Forty Years ago, before the First Pacific Railroad was built

Facing page 244

Map of the World showing all the Possessions of the United States, including Islands

Page 246

Battle of Manila

Page 251

Charge up San Juan Hill

Page 252

"The Red Cross"

Page 255

William McKinley

Page 256

Theodore Roosevelt

Page 257

First Great Seal of the United States

Second Great Seal of the United States