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The purpose of this set of galleries is to organize images of different types from the Chemical Heritage Foundation, to track contributions of different types and to make it easier to find and create comparable metadata and licensing for similar images.


Canonical Examples[edit]

Artwork is useful for paintings, three dimensional artworks, and illustrations from books. (The Book template is intended only for complete books, not for single pages or illustrations.)

Photograph is intended mainly for historical photographs from museum collections. Its parameters are also useful for describing more current institutional photographs and photographs of historical and scientific artifacts from museum collections. (An Artifact template would be useful for GLAM institutions.)

The Information template is the most basic Wikimedia Commons template. It can be used if you don't need to add collection- or photographer- specific information to an item. If you aren't sure what is appropriate, use the Information template, and put details in the description.


Books and Manuscripts[edit]

Before 1600[edit]

De Re Metallica, 1556[edit]
Liber de arte Distillandi, Hieronymus Brunschwig, 1512[edit]
Pandora, das ist, 1582[edit]

1600 to 1699[edit]

Musaeum Hermeticum, 1678[edit]
Basil Valentine[edit]
Basil Valentine (other editions)[edit]
De distillatione, Giambattista della Porta, 1608[edit]
René Descartes, 1644[edit]

1700 to 1799[edit]

1800 to 1899[edit]

1900 to 1999[edit]

American Red Cross and Medical Research Committee, An Atlas of Gas Poisoning, 1918[edit]

Books as objects[edit]

Alchemical Paintings[edit]

Chinese Artwork[edit]

Liebig's Extract of Meat Trading Cards[edit]

Chimistes Celebres Trading Card Set[edit]



Artists and their work[edit]

Entrepreneurs, Scientists, and Academics[edit]

Fixed Nitrogen Research Laboratory[edit]

Here are some examples. See the category (below) for the complete set.

Document Archives[edit]

Released with permission (not from CHF Collections)[edit]

Public Domain Images (not from CHF Collections)[edit]


Other Artifacts[edit]




Chemistry Sets and Science Toys[edit]

Medical Equipment[edit]

Other Images from CHF Videos[edit]

Public Domain Images not from CHF Collections[edit]

Chemical Heritage Foundation Site[edit]


36 S 3rd St, John C Haas Archive[edit]




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