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This documentation is transcluded from template:Institution/stub-documentation.

Stub of Institution page template, intended for use in "institution" field of {{Artwork}} template to provide additional information and links for GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums) institutions which hold the artworks. To convert it into regular Institution template please do the following steps:

  • Fix the category
  • Originally images using this template were placed in Category:Banco Inversion-Agepasa, Madrid, which at the moment has 2 files
  • Look for a category which might already exist for images from the given institution. You can use the search box on the right. If one exist than either
  • create {{category redirect}} from temporary home category associated with this template to the proper one. You can also move content of the temporary home category, or wait for bot to do it.
  • move files to the proper category
  • Change the Homecat parameter in the institution template to the proper name. (This step is not necessary if {{category redirect}} is uses, since bot can move those)
  • If institution category does not exist than please create it and integrate it with Commons category tree structure.
  • Fix the institution template
  • Verify that there is no Institution page template for given institution. They are always categorized in their home category. If one exists than please redirect the template (using #REDIRECT[[]]) to the already existing ones.
  • If given institution does not have Institution template yet than fill all the fields, likely based on existing Wikipedia article. See here for ways to add links to the "name" parameter. To remove "stub" message delete "|stub=1" parameter. Also please verify that the current automatically generated name of the template is correct, and if not please move the template.