Johann Moritz Rugendas

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Rugendas photo
Deutsch: Johann Moritz Rugendas (* 29. März 1802 in Augsburg; † 29. Mai 1858 in Weilheim an der Teck, Württemberg) war ein deutscher Maler.
English: Johann Moritz Rugendas (b. March 29, 1802, Augsburg, Germany; d. May 29, 1858), Weilheim, Germany), was a German painter, famous for his works depicting landscapes and ethnographic information in several countries in the Americas, in the first half of the 19th century.
Español: Mauricio Rugendas (Augsburgo, 29 de marzo de 1802 — Weilhelm del Teck, 29 de mayo de 1858) Pintor alemán, se convirtió en un pintor trashumante. De gran importancia es su obra sobre Chile y Sudamérica.
Português: Johann Moritz Rugendas (Augsburg, 29 de março de 1808 — Weilheim, 29 de maio de 1858) foi um pintor alemão que viajou por todo Brasil durante 1822-1825 e pintou povos e costumes.
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