Jose Silverio Olaya Balandra

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Jose Silverio Olaya Sloop was a martyr in the fight of Peruvian independence, and he was born in Chorrillos in the year of 1782. In the fight of the independence of Peru, prócer participated as a secret emissary taking messages between the government (Callao) and the patriotic ones (Lima) to I swim. He was discovered, caught, and put under torment and the condemned until death; in spite of the tortures, never he revealed his mission.

The independence of the Peru, declared for the first time in Huaura the month of November 1820 and the 28 of July 1821 in Lima, had been only made effective in Lima and the north; but Cusco, the central mountain range and the south still were under the dominion of the realistic army. When Jose of San Martin recognizes little that the political and military forces support to him, he resigned before the Constituent Congress of 1822. The congress named the president from the Republic to Jose of the Riva Agüero and Sanchez Opening, Francisco Moon Javier Pizarro. The realistic army, taking advantage of that the patriotic troops were far, took Lima, forcing the members of the Congress to take refugee in the Castle of the Real Felipe in the Callao.

It is in this scene, where Jose Olaya, fisherman of office, did not doubt in serving as nexus between the ships of Liberating Escuadra and the soldiers of the located patriotic forces in Lima, although that meant to cross fields and to cross the sea swimming.

Caught by the realistic army, they tortured him with the purpose of obtaining data on the patriotic forces. Jose Olaya Sloop was not frightened before the pain. Even though underwent the 200 palazos that applied to him, yielding did not take the nails to him.

Finally, in the morning of the 29 of June of 1823 he was shot in the passage of the Seat of Arms of Lima that now has its name: Olaya passage.