Jurassic Coast fossils

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These are fossils from the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site in Dorset and east Devon, England.

Osborne collection[edit]

The following were collected by Dr Richard Osborne and photographed by Joe Dunckley. The images have titles and licensing information included but cropped versions may be made.

Chlamys vagans
Goniurhynchia boueti
Ostrea delta
Ostrea gregaria
Rhynchonella inconstans
Bathrotomaria reticulata
Ostrea hebridica
Crocodile vetebra
Crocodile limb
Crocodile femur head


Amonite from either Chesil Beach, or just west of West Bay
Fossils built into a wall near Portland Castle
Large Ammonite print in rock on the beach at Kimmeridge in Dorset, England
Crushed ammonite fossil in shale, Chapman's Pool