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English: Since 1633, the Kaisergruft (the Imperial Crypt), also called Kapuzinergruft in Vienna has been the principal place of entombment for the Habsburg dynasty, hereditary Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire, and their descendants.


Joseph I. 1687-1711 Emperor (HRR 1705-1711)[edit]

Karl VI. 1706-1714 Emperor (HRR 1711-1740)[edit]

Maria Theresia 1717-1780 Empress (HRR 1740-1780)[edit]


Ferdinand III 1608-1657 Kaiser (HRR 1637-1657)[edit]

Franz Joseph I. 1830-1916 Emperor (Austria 1848-1916)[edit]

Empress Zita of Bourbon-Parma 1892-1989 (1916-1918)[edit]