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English: King's College London is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the United Kingdom and a founding constituent college of the University of London.
Deutsch: Das King's College London ist eine der ältesten und angesehensten Universitäten im Vereinigten Königreich und ist das älteste College der University of London und eine der angesehensten Hochschuleinrichtungen Europas.
Italiano: L'King's College London è una delle più antiche e prestigiose università del Regno Unito è uno dei due college fondatori dell'Università di Londra.
日本語: :ja:キングス・カレッジ・ロンドン (ロンドン大学キングスカレッジ)は、英国のロンドン大学を構成するカレッジのひとつであり、ジョージ4世及び初代ウェリントン公爵アーサー・ウェルズリーによって1829年に設立された、イングランドでは4番目に古い名門大学である。

Crest and logos of KCL and existing faculties (current and previous)[ред.]

Historical documents (King's College and affiliated medical hospitals)[ред.]

Campuses including architectural features (past and present)[ред.]

1. Strand (Main campus)[ред.]

1.1 King's and Strand Buildings [since 1831 or older (for smaller buildings)][ред.]

1.2 Somerset House [since 1776][ред.]

1.3 Bush House and Aldwych Quarter [since 1935 or older][ред.]

1.4 Maughan Library [since 1232][ред.]

2. Denmark Hill Campus, King's College and Maudsley Hospitals [since 1840 for KCH][ред.]

3. Guy's Campus and Hospital [since 1721][ред.]

3.1 Guy's Campus[ред.]

3.2 Guy's Hospital[ред.]

4. St Thomas' Campus and Hospital [since 12th century][ред.]

5. Waterloo Campus [since 1915][ред.]

6. Other satellite offices, residence halls, and partner hospitals (past and present)[ред.]

6.1 Kennington Campus[ред.]

6.2 Residence Halls[ред.]

6.3 Other Partner Hospitals (outside the other campuses of KCL)[ред.]

6.3.1 Bethlem Royal Hospital (since 1247)[ред.]

7. Former colleges taken over by King's College London[ред.]

7.1 Chelsea College of Science & Technology [1890-1985][ред.]

7.2. Queen Elizabeth College [1953-1985][ред.]