LGBT nightlife in Amsterdam

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Nederlands: Huidige en voormalige homo- en lesbische uitgaansgelegenheden in Amsterdam (zie ook: Amsterdam als homohoofdstad)
The former gay café April, Reguliersdwarsstraat 37 (1981 - 2010)
English: Existing and former gay and lesbian nightlife venues in Amsterdam (see also: Gay bar)
Deutsch: Heutige und ehemalige schwule und lesbische Bars und Clubs in Amsterdam

See also: LGBT nightlife in the Netherlands

Existing nightlife places[edit]

Gay bars[edit]

Main category: Gay bars in Amsterdam

Gay clubs[edit]

Main category: Gay clubs in Amsterdam

Gay bathhouses[edit]

Lesbian bars[edit]

Former nightlife places[edit]

Former gay and lesbian bars, clubs and bathhouses of which a photo is available on Wikimedia Commons - therefore this selection forms by no means a complete overview of the many LGBT nightlife places that once existed in Amsterdam.

Former gay bars[edit]

Former gay clubs[edit]

Former gay bathhouses[edit]

Former lesbian bars[edit]