Lahaina Historic District

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There are nine historic buildings that contribute significantly to the Lahaina Historic District, per the 1966 designation:[1]

Contributing buildings in the Lahaina Historic District
No Name Year Notes Thumbnail
1 Baldwin House 1835 A two-story home used by early missionaries, including Rev. Dwight Baldwin GENERAL VIEW OF FRONT - Baldwin House, Front and Dickenson Streets, Lahaina, Maui County, HI HABS HI,5-LAHA,1-1.tif
2 Old Spring House 1823 Built by Rev. William Richards to enclose a spring and used for fresh water by the community. Maui-Lahaina-OldSpringHouse.JPG
3 Court House 1859 Replaced the Hale Piula, a former palace used for government offices damaged during an 1858 windstorm. Rebuilt in 1925 with significantly altered appearance. GENERAL VIEW, SOUTHWEST (FRONT) ELEVATION FROM WEST - Old Maui Courthouse, Wharf and Canal Streets, Lahaina, Maui County, HI HABS HI,5-LAHA,6-1.tif
4 Old Prison
(Hale Paʻahao)
1852 Main cell block (plank structure) completed in 1852, and enclosing coral-block wall completed in 1854. Original cell block burned in 1958; reconstructed in 1959 along with the wooden gate house. ENTRANCE TO PRISON COMPOUND - Hale Paahao (Prison), Wainee and Prison Roads, Lahaina, Maui County, HI HABS HI,5-LAHA,4-3.tif
5 Waineʻe (now Waiola) Church 1953 Construction started in 1828 and completed in 1832. Destroyed by winds twice and again by fire in 1894. Present structure was completed in 1953, when the name was changed to Waiola. Hawaiian nobility are interred in the cemetery, which dates to 1823. Maui-Lahaina-WaiolaChurch-up.JPG
6 Hale Aloha 1858 Meeting house completed in 1858, replacing an earlier stone church dating to 1823. School house and church, restored in the 1980s Maui-Lahaina-HaleAloha-belltowerside.JPG
7 United States Marine Hospital 1842 Herman Melville noted one of his shipmates died at this hospital in 1843. Sold in 1865 and served as a school for girls, then a vicarage for the Episcopal Church. SOUTHEAST SIDE - U. S. Marine Hospital, 1038 Front Street, Lahaina, Maui County, HI HABS HI,5-LAHA,10-2.tif
8 Maria Lanakila Catholic Church 1858 This church, erected in 1858, replaced an earlier church at the same site built in 1846. The present building was erected in 1928 on the same foundation, but is said to be an exact replica of the 1858 structure. Maui-Lahaina-MariaLanakila-CatholicChurch.JPG
9 Pioneer Hotel 1901 Lahaina's first hotel. GENERAL VIEW OF FRONT FROM SOUTH - Pioneer Hotel, Front and Hotel Streets, Lahaina, Maui County, HI HABS HI,5-LAHA,7-2.tif


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