Le Rire

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Le Rire ( « "Laughter" ») was a successful french humor magazine published in Paris from October 1894 through the 1950s. The satirical journal was filled with excellent drawings by prominent artists such as Théophile Steinlen, Georges Goursat (Sem), Auguste Vimar, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Caran d'Ache, Jules Depaquit, Charles Léandre, René Georges Hermann-Paul, Juan Gris, Lucien Métivet, Georges Meunier, Jean-Louis Forain, Adolphe Willette, Joaquín Xaudaró, Leonetto Cappiello, Albert Guillaume, Hermann Vogel and Jules Alexandre Grün.

During the music hall era, cabarets and cafes were crowded with personalities and Parisians could catch glimpses of the stars of the day. Le Rire was there to capture scene for its readers. Its pages depicted the likes of Yvette Guilbert, Polaire, Jane Avril, Réjane and even those of popular visitors to the theaters such as Séverine.