Leonhart Fuchs

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Renaissance C14 Füllmaurer Leonhart Fuchs.jpg
Fuchs’ birthplace in Wemding (2006)

Leonhart Fuchs (17 January 1501 – 10 May 1566) was a German physician and one of the three founding fathers of botany, with Hieronymus Bock, called Tragus and Otto Brunfels.


Fuchs was born in Wemding in the Duchy of Bavaria. After visiting a school in Heilbronn, Fuchs went to the Marienschule in Erfurt, Thuringia at the age of twelve, and graduated as Baccalaureus artium. Fuchs was called to Tübingen by Ulrich, Duke of Württemberg in 1533 to help in reforming the University of Tübingen in the spirit of humanism. He served as chancellor seven times, spending the last thirty-one years of his life as professor of medicine.

He died in Tübingen, Germany in 1566.