Lepista flaccida

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DomainEukaryota • RegnumFungi • DivisioBasidiomycota • SubdivisioAgaricomycotina • ClassisAgaricomycetes • SubclassisAgaricomycetidae • OrdoAgaricales • FamiliaTricholomataceae • GenusLepista • Species: Lepista flaccida (Sowerby) Pat. 1887
Lepista inversa (Scop.) Pat.
Lepista gilva (Pers.) Pat.
Paralepista flaccida (Sowerby) Vizzini

Paralepista flaccida is now the preferred name according to Index Fungorum.

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Lepista flaccida forma gilva[edit]

Syn. Lepista gilva (Pers.) Pat

Lepista flaccida forma inversa[edit]

Lepista inversa (Scop.) Pat.