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Notice Proposal to get the bugs fixed by funding librsvg development

Pictogram voting info.svg Maybe some files are fixed now. If there are any files that were uploaded earlier and have an error in displaying, you can fix it by doing ?action=purge on the image description page (e.g., or simply use the gadget-function on the right tab menu). It should be noted, that often a different behavior in different resolutions. See also Category:Pictures showing a librsvg bug

More bugs are reported here: Commons:Commons SVG Checker#Checks

Rendering of text[edit]

CSS inheritance[edit]


Hairline cracks[edit]

phab:T20936: This bug appears also in modern browsers on zooming levels.

White gap visible at odd px sizes (299px)
Same pic 1px larger rendered (300px)

An workaround can be the using of merge path.


phab:T32033: The File:EKG-Reto 001.svg shows a pattern with stroke-dasharray wrongly as full lines (a bit lesser the bigger the thumb size).


phab:T20463: The libRSVG can handle SVG pattern only rudimentary. Some fixed examples (bug in file history):

Fixed Bugs[edit]

marker-mid (fixed)[edit]

phab:T117530: For diagrams (sketches, graphs and flowchart like) often recurring so-called marker symbols such as arrows are used by means of marker element. The MediaWiki renderer understands this quite well. However, with the exception of the middle marker, the so-called marker-mid in connection with orient="auto". This can lead to the complete termination of the rendering of other elements of the graphic.

Direction of end markers of bezier curves (fixed)[edit]

Rendering of text (fixed)[edit]

(fixed in upstream 2.40.13 phab:T65703)

Zero bug / Decimal point bug (fixed)[edit]

Due to the SVG specs it is correct to write e.g. -6.786.809 instead of -6.786 0.809 (fixed in rsvg 2.40.6. phab:T76852)