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Notice Proposal to get the bugs fixed by funding librsvg development

Pictogram voting info.svg Maybe some files are fixed now. If there are any files that were uploaded earlier and have an error in displaying, you can fix it by doing ?action=purge on the image description page (e.g., or simply use the gadget-function on the right tab menu). It should be noted, that often a different behavior in different resolutions. See also Category:Pictures showing a librsvg bug

Rendering of text[edit]

CSS inheritance[edit]


Zero bug / Decimal point bug (fixed)[edit]

Due to the SVG specs it is correct to write e.g. -6.786.809 instead of -6.786 0.809 (fixed in rsvg 2.40.6. phab:T76852)

Hairline cracks[edit]

Bugzilla:18936 This bug appears also in modern browsers on zooming levels.

White gap visible at odd px sizes
Same pic 1px larger rendered

Direction of end markers of bezier curves[edit]

Thumbnail rendering error[edit]

wrong display of EKG-Reto 001.svg

The file EKG-Reto 001.svg shows a wrong thumbnail preview, while larger sizes are displayed correctly.