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LimeWire is a popular P2P file sharing program using the Gnutella network that supports a wide range of languages and operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux. The program features an open community of similar users (defined by interests, computing power, and bandwidth) to optimize search performance. You can run unlimited simultaneous searches for videos, images, documents, programs and audio and your results are displayed via a tabbed interface. A "Browse Host" tool is also useful to find more files that one particular person is sharing. The program includes all the usual P2P program features including the ability to filter search results by file type, artist, size, bandwidth etc. You can also resume downloads, throttle upload bandwidth and you get a download library/manager. The latest version continues to include a swarm feature allowing you to download from multiple hosts to get your file faster. The latest version of LimeWire also has no adware or spyware and includes attractive features like iTunes integration, firewall to firewall transfers and proxy support. has other important benefits including faster network connections using "UDP Host Caches", Universal Plug 'N Play support, which allows LimeWire to find more search results and produce faster downloads and searches that immediately display the artists, albums and other information that fully describes files. Online support at is also considered to be excellent.

The biggest gripe about is with the Gnutella network itself. When you do a search you often get unrelated results (i.e. Free Ringtone Here, Hot Date Waiting for You), which are always at the top of the search results. Even if you type random characters in search this junk comes up from multiple hosts. The "Lable As Junk" feature seems useless. The extreme levels of junk data are overcrowding the Gnutella network. If you have a virus or malware after installing Limewire it more than likely came from something you downloaded from Gnutella, not bundled with Limewire. Apart from that, the only negative about LimeWire itself is that searches on the free application were limited to about 200 hits, including duplicates, which means far fewer unique files. In addition, for video downloaders, there are no video previews. All in all, if you are investigating the P2P world, checking out should be on top of your list of priorities. Even if you move on, at least you'll have an idea of how these programs work and their advantages and disadvantages. Full Limewire review