List of Vanity Fair caricatures/1870

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Publication Date Subject Caption Caricaturist Notes Pic.
1870-01-01 Pius IX The Infallible Coïdé So 06
Pius IX, Vanity Fair, 1870-01-01.jpg
1870-01-08 Chief Justice W Bovill The majesty of the Law Ape J 03
1870-01-15 M Olivier Émile Ollivier The Parliamentary Empire Coïdé M 0003
Olivier Émile Ollivier, Vanity Fair, 1870-01-15.jpg
1870-01-22 M H Rochefort La Voyoucratie Coïdé M 0004
Vanity Fair - MEN OF THE DAY No. 4 - La Voyoucratie (Henri Rochefort).jpg
1870-01-29 Victor Emmanuel II of Italy Il Re Galantuomo Coïdé So 07
Victor Emmanuel II of Italy, Vanity Fair, 1870-01-29.jpg
1870-02-05 Lord Chelmsford It is hardly to be believed that two political leaders should fall out only because their wives cannot agree ATn S 039
Frederic Thesiger, Vanity Fair, 1870-02-05.jpg
1870-02-12 Sir John Pakington He was Chairman of the Quarter Sessions and reconstructed the Navy ATn S 040
John Somerset Pakington, Vanity Fair, 1870-02-12.jpg
1870-02-19 Sir Robert Collier Sir John Coleridge serves under him ATn S 041
Robert Collier Vanity Fair 19 February 1870.jpg
1870-02-26 The Marquess Townshend The Beggar's Friend ATn S 042
John Villiers Stuart Townshend, Vanity Fair, 1870-02-26.jpg
1870-03-05 Sjt W Ballantine SL He resisted the temptation to cross-examine a Prince of the blood ATn M 0005
William Ballantine Vanity Fair 5 March 1870.jpg
1870-03-12 The Rt Hon The Speaker The first of the Commoners of England ATn S 043
1870-03-19 Sir Robert Peel A professor of strong languages ATn S 044
Robert Peel Vanity Fair 19 March 1870.jpg
1870-03-26 The Duke of Richmond Highly respectable ATn S 045
Charles Gordon-Lennox, Vanity Fair, 1870-03-26.jpg
1870-04-02 The Rt Hon Sir Frederick Pollock, Bt A souvenir ATn J 04
1870-04-09 Lord Dufferin An exceptional Irishman ATn S 046
Frederick Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood, Vanity Fair, 1870-04-09.jpg
1870-04-16 The Nawab Nazim of Bengal, Behar and Orissa A living monument of English injustice ATn So 08
Mansur Ali Khan, Vanity Fair, 1870-04-16.jpg
1870-04-23 HRH The Duke of Cambridge A military difficulty ATn S 047
Duke of Cambridge Vanity Fair 23 April 1870.jpg
1870-04-30 Sir John Coleridge A risen barrister ATn S 048
John Duke Coleridge, Vanity Fair, 1870-04-30.jpg
1870-05-07 Adm HJ Rous As straight as a reed ATn M 0005
Henry John Rous Vanity Fair 7 May 1870.jpg
1870-05-14 Prince Teck The most popular of princes he has married the most popular of princesses ATn M 0006
Francis, Duke of Teck, Vanity Fair, 1870-05-14.jpg
1870-05-21 Sir Joseph Hawley The purist of the Turf ATn M 0007
Joseph Hawley, Vanity Fair, 1870-05-21.jpg
1870-05-28 Mr Ralph Bernal Osborne The smart critic ATn S 049
Ralph Bernal Osborne, Vanity Fair, 1870-05-28.jpg
1870-06-04 Mr William Vernon Harcourt He was considered an able man till he assumed his own name ATn S 050
William Vernon Harcourt, Vanity Fair, 1870-06-04.jpg
1870-06-11 Mr EH Knatchbull-Hugessen MP A promising apprentice Ape S 051
Edward Knatchbull-Hugessen Vanity Fair 11 June 1870.jpg
1870-06-18 The Earl of Dudley Property Ape S 052
William Ward, Vanity Fair, 1870-06-18.jpg
1870-06-25 Viscount Ranelagh He has succeeded in volunteering Ape M 0009
Viscount Ranelagh Vanity Fair 25 June 1870.jpg
1870-07-02 Earl Spencer The Messenger of Peace Ape S 053
Earl Spencer Vanity Fair 2 July 1870.jpg
1870-07-09 The Duke of Sutherland Simple and unassuming himself, yet magnificent and generous towards his fellow men, he is the very Prince of Dukes Ape S 054
George Sutherland-Leveson-Gower, Vanity Fair, 1870-07-09.jpg
1870-07-16 The Marquis of Westminster The Richest man in England Ape S 055
Hugh Lupus Grosvenor, Vanity Fair, 1870-07-16.jpg
1870-07-23 Lord Elcho His course has been if not a wise yet a consistent one and dictated by conscience only Ape S 056
Francis Richard Charteris, Vanity Fair, 1870-07-23.jpg
1870-07-30 Lord Henry Lennox A man of Fashion and Politics Ape S 057
Henry GC Gordon-Lennox, Vanity Fair, 1870-07-30.jpg
1870-08-06 Lord Halifax He fell of his horse into a Peerage Ape S 058
Charles Wood, Vanity Fair, 1870-08-06.jpg
1870-08-13 Mr Charles Newdigate Newdegate MP A Jesuit in disguise Ape S 059
Charles Newdigate Newdegate Vanity Fair 13 August 1870.jpg
1870-08-20 Lord Strathnairn He was made a Statesman because he was a soldier Ape S 060
Hugh Henry Rose, Vanity Fair, 1870-08-20.jpg
1870-08-27 Sir Henry Bulwer A superannuated diplomat Ape S 061
Henry Bulwer Vanity Fair 27 August 1870.JPG
1870-09-03 Lord Houghton The cool of the evening Ape S 062
Richard Monckton Milnes, Vanity Fair, 1870-09-03.jpg
1870-09-10 Mr Alexander Beresford Hope Batavian grace Ape S 063
Alexander Beresford Hope, Vanity Fair, 1870-09-10.jpg
1870-09-17 Gen Louis Jules Trochu The hope of France Coïdé M 0010
Louis Jules Trochu, Vanity Fair, 1870-09-17.jpg
1870-09-24 The Crown Prince of Prussia Fritz Coïdé M 0011
Fritz - Crown Prince of Prussia Vanity Fair 1870-09-24.jpg
1870-10-01 Lord Robert Montagu A Working Conservative Ape S 064
Robert Montagu, Vanity Fair, 1870-10-01.jpg
1870-10-08 Sir Stafford Northcote He does his duty to his party and is fortunate if it happens to be also his duty to his country Ape S 065
Stafford Henry Northcote, Vanity Fair, 1870-10-08.jpg
1870-10-15 Count von Bismarck-Schoenausen The ablest statesman in Europe Coïdé S 066
Otto von Bismarck, Vanity Fair, 1870-10-15.jpg
1870-10-22 T Carlyle The Diogenes of the Modern Corinthians without his Tub Ape M 0012
Thomas Carlyle Vanity Fair 22 October 1870.jpg
1870-10-29 Lord Lytton The representative of Romance Ape S 067
Edward Bulwer-Lytton Vanity Fair 29 October 1870.jpg
1870-11-05 The Hon John Cranch Walker Vivian Always pleasant, always genial Ape S 068; brother of Baron Vivian
John Cranch Walker Vivian, Vanity Fair, 1870-11-05.jpg
1870-11-12 The Bishop of London One who has grieved more than others over 'The Sinfulness of Little Sins' Ape S 069
Bishop of London Vanity Fair 12 November 1870.jpg
1870-11-19 The Marquis of Lorn If everywhere as successful as in love a great destiny awaits him Ape M 0013
Marquess of Lorne Vanity Fair 19 November 1870.jpg
1870-11-26 Sir Roderick Murchison A faithful friend and eminent Savant and the best possible of Presidents Ape M 0014
Roderick Murchison Vanity Fair 26 November 1870.jpg
1870-12-03 Baron de Brunnow One of the most precious products of political Miscengenation Ape M 0015
Philipp Graf von Brunnow, Vanity Fair, 1870-12-03.jpg
1870-12-10 The Rev CH Spurgeon Noone has succeeded like him in sketching the comic side of repentance and regeneration Ape M 0016
1870-12-17 Sir William Fergusson Bt There is no man of greater weight in his profession Ape M 0017
1870-12-24 Sir Henry Storks He is a living paradox; no one less subject to control, no one a greater slave of control Ape S 070
Henry Knight Storks, Vanity Fair, 1870-12-24.jpg
1870-12-31 The Rev AH Mackonochie He makes religion a tragedy, and the movements of his muscles a solemn ceremony Ape M 0018
Alexander Heriot Mackonochie Vanity Fair 31 December 1870.jpg