List of Vanity Fair caricatures/1871

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Publication Date Subject Caption Caricaturist Notes Pic.
1871-01-07 The King of Prussia Les Mangeoit Pour Soi Refraischir Devant Souper Coïdé So 08
Wilhelm I, Vanity Fair, 1871-01-07.jpg
1871-01-14 Count Rudolph Apponyi One of the lambs of the Political Fold Ape S 071
Rudolph Apponyi Vanity Fair 14 January 1871.jpg
1871-01-21 Lord Lawrence One of the best types of administrative ability in modern times Ape S 072
JLM Lawrence Vanity Fair 21 January 1871.jpg
1871-01-28 Prof T Huxley A great Med'cine-Man among the Inqui-ring Redskins Ape M 0019
TH Huxley 41.5 KB.jpg
1871-02-04 HE Musurus Bey The most interesting of all the diplomatic corps in London Ape S 073
Constantine Musurus Pasha Ambassador-1.jpg
1871-02-11 The Rt Hon W Monsell The painstaking Irishman Ape S 074
William Monsell Vanity Fair 11 February 1871.jpg
1871-02-18 Mr George Hammond Whalley MP The great believer in Roman Catholicism Ape S 075
George Hammond Whalley Vanity Fair 18 February 1871.jpg
1871-02-25 Archbishop Manning The next Pope Ape M 0020
Henry Edward Manning Vanity Fair 25 February 1871.jpeg
1871-03-04 The Chevalier Charles Cadorna A liberal and an enemy of the priests: he fitly represents the Power which has seized Rome and suppressed the Pope Ape S 076
Charles Cadorna Vanity Fair 4 March 1871.jpg
1871-03-11 The Rt Hon GW Hunt The fat of the land Ape S 077
George Ward Hunt, Vanity Fair, 1871-03-11.jpg
1871-03-18 The Hon Gerard James Noel MP A nice little fellow Ape S 078
Gerard Noel Vanity Fair 18 March 1871.jpg
1871-03-25 Mr Richard Dowse MP An Irish wit and Solicitor-General Ape S 079
Richard Dowse, Vanity Fair, 1871-03-25.jpg
1871-04-01 Lord Lyttelton A man of position Ape S 080
4. Baron Lyttelton.png
1871-04-08 The Earl of Harrowby MP KG The last generation Ape S 081
Earl of Harrowby Vanity Fair 8 April 1871.jpg
1871-04-15 Lord Ebury A common-prayer reformer Ape S 082
1871-04-22 The Marquis of Normanby By birth a man, by inheritance a Marquis and a Governor by his Sovereign's favour: he fills all his positions with credit Ape S 083
Marquis of Normanby Vanity Fair 22 April 1871.jpg
1871-04-29 Sir Francis Grant An able artist and an excellent President Ape M 0021
Sir Francis Grant Vanity Fair 29 April 1871.jpg
1871-05-06 Sir Thomas Erskine May KCB Parliamentary Practice Ape M 0022
Thomas Erskine May Vanity Fair 6 May 1871.jpg
1871-05-13 Mr JE Millais RA A converted pre-Raphaelite Ape M 0023
John Everett Millais Vanity Fair 13 May 1871.jpg
1871-05-20 Mr MT Bass MP Beer Ape S 084
Michael Thomas Bass, Vanity Fair, 1871-05-20.jpg
1871-05-27 Baron MA de Rothschild MP The winner of the race Ape S 085
Mayer Amschel de Rothschild Vanity Fair 1871-05-27.jpg
1871-06-03 Capt EM Shaw He well deserves his popularity Ape M 0024
Eyre Massey Shaw Vanity Fair 3 June 1871.jpg
1871-06-10 Arthur Orton claiming to be Sir Roger Tichborne Baronet or butcher Ape M 0025
Tichborne claimant Arthur Orton.jpg
1871-06-17 Mr A Borthwick The Morning Post Ape M 0026
Algernon Borthwick by Ape in Vanity Fair 1871.jpg
1871-06-24 The Archbishop of York The Archbishop of Society Ape S 086
William Thomson, Vanity Fair, 1871-06-24.jpg
1871-07-01 Sir John George Shaw-Lefevre KCB La Reyne le veult Ape M 0027
John Shaw-Lefevre Vanity Fair 1 July 1871.jpg
1871-07-08 The Duke of Marlborough A Conservative religionist Ape S 087
Duke of Marlborough Vanity Fair 8 July 1871.jpg
1871-07-15 Lord Skelmersdale A Conservative whip Ape S 088
2nd Lord Skelmersdale by Ape.jpg
1871-07-22 Alfred Tennyson The Poet Laureate Ape M 0028
Alfred Tennyson, Vanity Fair, 1871-07-22.jpg
1871-07-29 Mr E Miall MP The Nonconformist Ape S 089
Edward Miall Vanity Fair 29 July 1871.jpg
1871-08-05 Mr George Bentinck MP Big Ben Coïdé S 090
George Bentinck Vanity Fair 5 August 1871.jpg
1871-08-12 Mr John Locke MP The only man who is ever known to make Mr Gladstone smile Coïdé S 091
John Locke, Vanity Fair, 1871-08-12.jpg
1871-08-19 Mr H Cole CB King Cole Coïdé M 0029
Henry Cole Vanity Fair 19 August 1871.jpg
1871-08-26 Don Manuel Rances y Villanueva The Spanish Minister Coïdé M 0030
Don Manuel Rances y Villanueva, Vanity Fair, 1871-08-26.jpg
1871-09-02 The Duke of Saldanha He might have been a King Coïdé M 0031
João Carlos Saldanha de Oliveira Daun, Vanity Fair, 1871-09-02.jpg
1871-09-09 The Rt Hon Russell Gurney MP A Commissioner Coïdé S 092
Russell Gurney, Vanity Fair, 1871-09-09.jpg
1871-09-16 The Duke of Rutland He was once offered the leadership of the Conservative Party Coïdé S 093
Charles Manners, Vanity Fair, 1871-09-16.jpg
1871-09-23 Mr GJ Whyte-Melville The novelist of Society Coïdé M 0032
George Whyte-Melville Vanity Fair 23 September 1871.jpg
1871-09-30 Mr CR Darwin Natural Selection Coïdé M 0033
1871-10-07 Alderman Andrew Lusk MP Now I want to know Coïdé S 094
Andrew Lusk, Vanity Fair, 1871-10-07.jpg
1871-10-14 Mr HW Eaton MP Silk Coïdé S 095
Henry Eaton Vanity Fair 14 October 1871.jpg
1871-10-21 The Rev C Voysey I have much to be thankful for Coïdé M 0034
Charles Voysey Vanity Fair 21 October 1871.jpg
1871-10-28 Mr John Pender MP Telegraphs Coïdé M 0035
John Pender Vanity Fair 28 October 1871.jpg
1871-11-04 The Rt Hon Sir Fitzroy Kelly The Lord Chief Baron Coïdé J 05
Fitzroy Edward Kelly00.jpg
1871-11-11 Mr M Arnold 'I say, the critic must keep out of the region of immediate practice' Coïdé M 0036
Matthew Arnold Vanity Fair 11 November 1871.jpg
1871-11-18 Mr LSW Dawson-Damer MP Hippy Coïdé S 096
Lionel Dawson-Damer Vanity Fair 18 November 1871.jpg
1871-11-25 Sir Charles Dilke MP A far advanced Radical Coïdé S 097
Charles Dilke Vanity Fair 25 November 1871.jpg
1871-12-02 Mr A Baillie-Cochrane MP Judicious Amelioration Coïdé S 098
Alexander Baillie-Cochrane Vanity Fair 2 December 1871.jpg
1871-12-09 Mr AJ Mundella MP Education and Arbitration Coïdé S 099
Anthony Mundella.JPG
1871-12-16 Mr JG Dodson MP Ways and Means Coïdé S 100
John George Dodson Vanity Fair 16 December 1871.jpg
1871-12-23 Mr GAF Cavendish-Bentinck MP Little Ben Coïdé S 101
George Cavendish-Bentinck Vanity Fair 23 December 1871.jpg
1871-12-30 Mr WH Gregory MP An art critic Coïdé S 102
William Henry Gregory Vanity Fair 30 December 1871.jpg