List of Vanity Fair caricatures/1875

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Publication Date Subject Caption Caricaturist Notes Pic.
1875-01-02 The Rev EB Pusey DD High Church Ape M 0095
Edward Bouverie Pusey, Vanity Fair, 1875-01-02.jpg
1875-01-09 Sir WA Fraser Bt MP The Sanitary Ape S 192
William Augustus Fraser, Vanity Fair, 1875-01-09.jpg
1875-01-16 Mr WH Russell LLD Our War correspondence Ape M 0096
William Howard Russell Vanity Fair 1875-01-16.jpg
1875-01-23 Gen RC Schenck The United States Ape S 193
Robert Cumming Schenck Vanity Fair 23 January 1875.jpg
1875-01-30 The Very Rev HG Liddell DD Christchurch Ape M 0097
Liddell caricature.jpg
1875-02-06 FM Muller LLD The science of language Ape M 0098
Friedrich Max Müller, Vanity Fair, 1875-02-06.jpg
1875-02-13 Count Schouvaloff Russia Ape S 194
Pyotr Andreyevich Shuvalov Vanity Fair 13 February 1875.jpg
1875-02-20 Dr L Playfair CB MP Chemistry Ape S 195
Lyon Playfair Vanity Fair 1875-02-20.jpg
1875-02-27 Lord Redesdale the Lord Dictator Ape S 196
1st Earl of Redesdale.png
1875-03-06 Lt-Col EYW Henderson CB Police Ape M 0099
Edmund Henderson, Vanity Fair, 1875-03-06.jpg
1875-03-13 Maj Purcell O'Gorman MP The joker for Waterford Ape S 197
Purcell O'Gorman, Vanity Fair, 1875-03-13.jpg
1875-03-20 Mr EJ Reed MP Naval Construction Ape S 198
Edward James Reed, Vanity Fair, 1875-03-20.jpg
1875-03-27 HE Governor John Pope Hennessy CMG Colonial Government Ape M 0100
John Pope Hennessy, Vanity Fair, 1875-03-27.jpg
1875-04-03 Mr DL Moody Prayer and Praise Ape M 0101
Dwight Lyman Moody Vanity Fair 3 April 1875.jpg
1875-04-10 Mr ID Sankey Praise and Prayer Ape M 0102
Ira D. Sankey, Vanity Fair, 1875-04-10.jpg
1875-04-17 Mr HC Raikes MP Order, order Ape S 199
Henry Raikes Vanity Fair 1875-04-17.jpg
1875-04-24 Sir GS Jenkinson Bt MP The Colossus of Roads Ape S 200
George Jenkinson Vanity Fair 1875-04-24.jpg
1875-05-01 Viscount Bury PC KCMG The auxiliary Forces Ape M 0103
William Keppel, Vanity Fair, 1875-05-01.jpg
1875-05-08 M Michel Chevalier French Free Trade Ape S 201
Michel Chevalier, Vanity Fair, 1875-05-08.jpg
1875-05-15 Sir Massey Lopes Bt MP Local Taxation Ape S 202
Massey Lopes, Vanity Fair, 1875-05-15.jpg
1875-05-22 Sig T Salvini Othello Ape M 0104
Salvini as Othello Vanity Fair.jpg
1875-05-29 The Duke of Buckingham a safe Duke Ape S 203
1875-06-05 Mr Clare Sewell Read MP A tenant Farmer Ape S 204
Clare Sewell Read, Vanity Fair, 1875-06-05.jpg
1875-06-12 The Rt Hon Sir JC Dalrymple Hay Bt MP The retired list Ape S 205
John Dalrymple-Hay Vanity Fair 12 June 1875.jpg
1875-06-19 Lord Hammond Foreign Policy Ape S 206
Edmund Hammond, Vanity Fair, 1875-06-19.jpg
1875-06-26 The Earl of Abergavenny The Tory bloodhound Ape S 207
William Nevill, Vanity Fair, 1875-06-26.jpg
1875-07-03 Maj-Gen Lord AH Paget MP The Clerk Marshal Ape M 0105
Lord Alfred Paget, Vanity Fair, 1875-07-03.jpg
1875-07-10 Sir HJ Stracey Bt MP A country gentleman Ape M 0106
Henry Stracey Vanity Fair 10 July 1875.jpg
1875-07-17 Mr FA Milbank Yorkshire Ape S 208
Frederick Acclom Milbank, Vanity Fair, 1875-07-17.jpg
1875-07-24 Mr Guildford Onslow The Claimant's Friend Ape M 0107
Guildford JH Mainwaring-Ellerker-Onslow, Vanity Fair, 1875-07-24.jpg
1875-07-31 The Earl of Stradbroke Suffolk Ape S 209
John Edward Cornwallis Rous, Vanity Fair, 1875-07-31.jpg
1875-08-07 Mr Philip Henry Muntz MP Birmingham Ape S 210
Philip Henry Muntz, Vanity Fair, 1875-08-07.jpg
1875-08-14 Lord Wharncliffe Conservative Conversion Ape S 211
Edward Montagu-Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie, Vanity Fair, 1875-08-14.jpg
1875-08-21 Sir Thomas Bazley Bt MP Manchester Ape S 212
Thomas Bazley Vanity Fair 21 August 1875.jpg
1875-08-28 Count Beust Austria Ape M 0108
Friedrich Ferdinand von Beust, Vanity Fair, 1875-08-28.jpg
1875-09-04 Mr WH Dyke MP a whipper Ape S 213
William Hart Dyke, Vanity Fair, 1875-09-04.jpg
1875-09-11 Lord Barrington MP a young man Ape S 214
George William Barrington, Vanity Fair, 1875-09-11.jpg
1875-09-18 Mr George Payne G.P. Ape M 0109
George Payne, Vanity Fair, 1875-09-18.jpg
1875-09-25 Mr GAH Sala Journalism Ape M 0110
George Augustus Henry Sala Vanity Fair 1875-09-25.jpg
1875-10-02 Mr Charles James Matthews Our only Comedian Ape M 0111
Charles James Mathews Vanity Fair 1875-10-02.jpeg
1875-10-09 Mr M Webb Swam the Channel Ape M 0112
Matthew Webb, Vanity Fair, 1875-10-09.jpg
1875-10-16 Lord Forester The ex-Father of the House Ape S 215
George Weld-Forester, Vanity Fair, 1875-10-16.jpg
1875-10-23 Rear-Adm Lord J Hay CB An Admiral Ape M 0113
1875-10-30 Prince Edward of Saxe-Weimar Guards Ape M 0114
Prince Edward of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, Vanity Fair, 1875-10-30.jpg
1875-11-06 Sir EW Watkin MP The Railway Interest Ape S 216
Edward William Watkin, Vanity Fair, 1875-11-06.jpg
1875-11-13 Sir GB Airy KCB Astronomy Ape M 0115
George Biddell Airy Vanity Fair 1875-11-13.jpg
1875-11-20 Mr R Browning Modern Poetry Ape M 0116
Robert Browning, Vanity Fair, 1875-11-20.jpg
1875-11-27 Mr A Hayward QC Anecdotes Ape M 0117
Abraham Hayward, Vanity Fair, 1875-11-27.jpg
1875-12-04 The Hon Spencer Lyttelton Marshall of the Ceremonies Ape M 0118
Spencer Lyttelton, Vanity Fair, 1875-12-04.jpg
1875-12-11 Sir R Baggallay The Court of Appeal Ape J 09
Richard Baggallay, Vanity Fair, 1875-12-11.jpg
1875-12-18 Sir WW Gull Bt MD Physiological Physic Ape M 0119
William Gull Vanity Fair 18 December 1875.jpg
1875-12-25 Adm The Rt Hon Lord CE Paget KCB Sailor politician and sculptor Ape M 0120
Lord Clarence Paget.png