List of Vanity Fair caricatures/1877

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Publication Date Subject Caption Caricaturist Notes Pic.
1877-01-06 Count G Andrassy Hungary in effigy Kluz S 240
Gyula Andrássy, Vanity Fair, 1877-01-06.jpg
1877-01-13 Mr VC Prinsep Val Spy M 0144
Valentine Cameron Prinsep Vanity Fair 13 January 1877.jpg
1877-01-20 The Rev JH Newman DD Tracts for the times Spy M 0145
John Henry Newman Vanity Fair 1877-01-20.jpg
1877-01-27 Mr Joseph Chamberlain MP our Joe Spy S 241
Joseph Chamberlain Vanity Fair 27 January 1877.jpg
1877-02-03 Lt-Gen Sir Alfred Hastings Horsford GCB The Beau ideal Spy M 0146
Alfred Horsford Vanity Fair 1877-02-03.jpg
1877-02-10 The Rev Arthur Tooth The Christian Martyr Spy M 0147
Arthur Tooth Vanity Fair 10 February 1877.jpg
1877-02-17 Mr Robert Richardson-Gardner MP The Royal Borough Spy S 242
Robert Richardson-Gardner Vanity Fair 1877-02-17.jpg
1877-02-24 The Marquis of Winchester the premier Marquess Spy S 243
John Paulet Vanity Fair 24 February 1877.jpg
1877-03-03 Mr MW Corry The pattern Private Secretary Spy M 0148
Montagu William Lowry-Corry, Vanity Fair, 1877-03-03.jpg
1877-03-10 The Rt Hon Lord C Hamilton The Dowager Spy S 244
Claud Hamilton, Vanity Fair, 1877-03-10.jpg
1877-03-17 The Rt Hon Sir Henry George Elliot GCB Ambassador to the Porte Spy S 245
Henry Elliot.jpg
1877-03-24 Lord Dorchester The Turf Spy S 246
Lord Dorchester Vanity Fair 1877-03-24.jpg
1877-03-31 The Marquess of Headfort An Irish Property Spy S 247
Thomas Taylour, Vanity Fair, 1877-03-31.jpg
1877-04-07 The Marquess of Hertford The Lord Chamberlain Spy S 248
Marquess of Hertford Vanity Fair 7 April 1877.JPG
1877-04-14 Gen N.P.O. Ignatieff a manipulator of phrases Spy S 249
Nikolay Pavlovich Ignatyev Vanity Fair 14 April 1877.jpg
1877-04-21 HRH Prince Leopold KG The student Prince Spy P 05
Prince Leopold Vanity Fair 21 April 1877.jpg
1877-04-28 The Hon Robert Bourke Bobby Spy S 250
Robert Bourke, Vanity Fair, 1877-04-28.jpg
1877-05-05 Mr Jacob Bright MP the Apostle to the Women Spy S 251
Jacob Bright, Vanity Fair, 1877-05-05.jpg
1877-05-12 Mr William Bromley-Davenport MP Clever Spy S 252
William Bromley-Davenport Vanity Fair 1877-05-12.jpg
1877-05-19 Richard Wagner The Music of the future Spy M 0149
Richard Wagner Vanity Fair 1877-05-19.jpg
1877-05-26 The Rt Hon Lord H.F. Thynne MP younger son Spy S 253
Henry Frederick Thynne, Vanity Fair, 1877-05-26.jpg
1877-06-02 Mr T.B. Potter MP the Manchester school Spy S 254
Thomas Bayley Potter Vanity Fair 1877-06-02.jpg
1877-06-09 Mr W.G. Grace Cricket Spy M 0150
William Gilbert Grace, Vanity Fair, 1877-06-09.jpg
1877-06-16 HE Kuo Sung Tao China Spy S 255
Kuo Sung Tao Vanity Fair 16 June 1877.jpg
1877-06-23 Adm Sir H.R. Yelverton GCB Spanish Ironclads Spy M 0151
Hastings Yelverton Vanity Fair 23 June 1877.jpg
1877-06-30 HH Midhat Pasha The Turkish Constitution Spy S 256
1877-07-07 Mr Th. Martin CB LLD The Royal Literary assistant Spy M 0152
Theodore Martin Vanity Fair 1877-07-07.jpg
1877-07-14 HIH The Louis Napoléon The Empire Spy P 06
Napoléon Eugène, Prince Imperial Vanity Fair 14 July 1877.JPG
1877-07-21 Mr J.G. Biggar MP Irish obstruction Spy S 257
Joseph Biggar Vanity Fair 21 July 1877.jpg
1877-07-28 The Rt Hon Lord O.W.L. Russell GCB Odo Spy M 0153
Odo WL Russell, Vanity Fair, 1877-07-28.jpg
1877-08-04 The Duke of Cleveland the fourth Duke Spy S 258
1877-08-11 Sir Francis Seymour Bt KCB Albert's Seymour Ape M 0154
Francis Seymour Vanity Fair 11 August 1877.jpg
1877-08-18 Lord R.C. Sutherland-Leveson-Gower a sculptor Spy M 0155
Ronald Gower Vanity Fair 18 August 1877.JPG
1877-08-25 Gen The Rt Hon Sir William Thomas Knollys PC KCB Black Rod Ape M 0156
William Thomas Knollys, Vanity Fair, 1877-08-25.jpg
1877-09-01 Viscount Falmouth Never bets Spy S 259
Boscawen E Vanity Fair 1877-09-01.jpg
1877-09-08 Mr Henry Villebois The Squire Ape M 0157; en:High Sheriff of Norfolk
Henry Villebois Vanity Fair 8 September 1877.jpg
1877-09-15 M PG Doré sensational art Spy M 0158
Paul Gustave Doré, Vanity Fair, 1877-09-15.jpg
1877-09-22 Baron LN de Rothschild Baron Lionel Ape M 0159
Lionel de Rothschild 22 September 1877.jpg
1877-09-29 Harry Benson the Turf Frauds Spy M 0160
Harry Benson Vanity Fair 1877-09-29.jpg
1877-10-06 Mr T Brassey MP Round the World Ape S 260
Thomas Brassey Vanity Fair 6 October 1877.jpg
1877-10-13 Gen Lord George Augustus Frederick Paget KCB a soldier Spy M 0161
Lord George Paget Vanity Fair 1877-10-13.jpg
1877-10-20 Gen Sir Charles Henry Ellice KCB the Adjutant General Ape M 0162
1877-10-27 Mr Henry Steel the leviathan Spy M 0163
Henry Steel, Vanity Fair, 1877-10-27.jpg
1877-11-03 The Hon Oliver George Paulet Montagu Oliver Ape M 0164
Oliver George Paulet Montagu 3 November 1877.JPG
1877-11-10 The Marquis of Queensberry a good light weight Spy S 261
Marquess of Queensberry 10 November 1877.jpg
1877-11-17 Sir JD Astley Bt MP the Mate Spy S 262
John Dugdale Astley, Vanity Fair, 1877-11-17.jpg
1877-11-24 Sir F.H.C. Doyle Bt Poetry Spy M 0165
Francis Hastings Doyle Vanity Fair 1877-11-24.jpg
1877-12-01 Sir J.L.A. Arabin KCB Fortifications Ape M 0166
JLA Simmons.jpg
1877-12-08 Mr J Lowther MP Jim Spy S 263
James Lowther Vanity Fair 8 December 1877.jpg
1877-12-15 Sir Allen Young Alleno Ape M 0167
Sir Allen Young Vanity Fair 1877-12-15.jpg
1877-12-22 Mr John Mackenzie Grieve Haute école Spy M 0168
John Mackenzie Grieve, Vanity Fair, 1877-12-22.jpg
1877-12-29 HI and RM The Emperor-King of Austro-Hungary Austria Sue So 13
Franz Joseph Vanity Fair 29 December 1877.jpg