List of Vanity Fair caricatures/1881

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Publication Date Subject Caption Caricaturist Notes Pic.
1881-01-01 The Marquis Conyngham Mount Spy S 349
George Conyngham, Vanity Fair, 1881-01-01.jpg
1881-01-08 Mr F.C. Burnand Punch Ape M 0236
1881-01-15 Sir R Temple Bt GSCI CIE Burra Dick Spy S 350
Sir Richard Temple Vanity Fair 15 January 1881.jpg
1881-01-22 Mr J.E. Boehm ARA the Queen's Sculptor Spy M 0237
Joseph Edgar Boehm, Vanity Fair, 1881-01-22.jpg
1881-01-29 Mr C.C. Boycott Boycott Spy M 0238
Charles Cunningham Boycott (Vanity Fair).jpg
1881-02-05 Sir B.E. Cunard Bt MFH A Cunarder Spy M 0239
Sir Bache Cunard Vanity Fair 5 February 1881.JPG
1881-02-12 Mr J.M. Howard QC Energetic Toryism Spy M 0240
John Morgan Howard, Vanity Fair, 1881-02-12.jpg
1881-02-19 Lt-Col C.G. Gordon CB RE The ever victorious army Ape M 0241
Charles George Gordon, Vanity Fair, 1881-02-19.jpg
1881-02-26 The Earl of Kenmare PC MP The Lord Chamberlain Spy S 351
Earl of Kenmare Vanity Fair 26 February 1881.jpg
1881-03-05 The Marquis of Hamilton MP Hamlie Spy S 352
2 Duke of Abercorn.png
1881-03-12 Mr WLAB Burdett-Couts The Baroness husband Spy M 0242
William LAB Burdett-Coutts, Vanity Fair, 1881-03-12.jpg
1881-03-19 Sir Farrer Herschell QC MP the Solicitor-General Spy S 353
Farrer Herschell, Vanity Fair, 1881-03-19.jpg
1881-03-26 The Rt Rev J.C. Ryle DD Liverpool Ape S 354
John Charles Ryle Vanity Fair 26 March 1881.jpg
1881-04-02 Lord Waveney Suffolk Spy S 355
Robert Adair Vanity Fair 2 April 1881.jpg
1881-04-09 The Marquis of Exeter a real English gentleman Ape S 356
3rd Marquess of Exeter.png
1881-04-16 Earl Nelson the noblest of English names Spy S 357
Horatio Nelson, 3rd Earl Nelson Vanity Fair 16 April 1881.jpg
1881-04-23 The Earl of Lucan Balaklava Ape S 358
3rd Earl of Lucan.png
1881-04-30 Lord Tollemache Cheshire Spy S 359
Lord Tollemache Vanity Fair 1881-04-30.jpg
1881-05-07 HH Isma'il Pasha GCB GCSI The ex-Khedive T S 360
Ismail Pacha.jpg
1881-05-14 Sir Philip Rose Bt Lord Beaconsfield's friend Spy M 0243
Philip Rose, Vanity Fair, 1881-05-14.jpg
1881-05-21 Mr W.S. Gilbert Patience Spy M 0244
WSGilbert by Spy.jpg
1881-05-28 Mr F.J. Archer the favourite Jockey Spy M 0245
Frederick J. Archer, Vanity Fair, 1881-05-28.jpg
1881-06-04 Earl Cadogan Chelsea & the Colonies Spy S 361
Earl Cadogan Vanity Fair 1881-06-04.jpg
1881-06-11 Lord Ribblesdale Mufti Spy S 362
Lord Ribblesdale Vanity Fair 11 June 1881.jpg
1881-06-18 The Marquis of Blandford B T M 0246
Marquis of Blandford Vanity Fair 18 June 1881.jpg
1881-06-25 Alderman Robert Nicholas Fowler MP the City T S 363
Robert Nicholas Fowler Vanity Fair 25 June 1881.jpg
1881-07-02 Mr Charles Cox CB Colonial Spy M 0247
Charles Cox, Vanity Fair, 1881-07-02.jpg
1881-07-05 Her Majesty's Opposition Birth, Behaviour and Business T SS; Lord J.J. Manners, Sir S.H. Northcote, and Sir R.A. Cross
Her Majesty's Opposition Vanity Fair 5 July 1881.JPG
1881-07-09 Col Henry P Ewart CB Croppy T M 0248
Henry Ewart Vanity Fair 9 July 1881.jpg
1881-07-16 Lord Harris Kent Spy S 364
Lord Harris Vanity Fair.jpg
1881-07-23 Sir M White Ridley Bt MP Ex-official Ape S 365
Matthew White Ridley Vanity Fair 23 July 1881.jpg
1881-07-30 Lord Aveland A great officer of State Spy S 366
Gilbert Henry Heathcote-Drummond-Willoughby, Vanity Fair, 1881-07-30.jpg
1881-08-06 The Earl of Clonmell Earlie Ape S 367
Earl of Clonmell Vanity Fair 6 August 1881.jpg
1881-08-13 The Earl of Coventry Covey Ape S 368
9th Earl of Coventry.png
1881-08-20 The Hon Alexander Grantham Yorke Alick Spy M 0249
Alexander Grantham Yorke Vanity Fair 20 August 1881.jpg
1881-08-27 The Rt Hon Earl Percy MP Northumberland T S 369
Earl Percy Vanity Fair 27 August 1881.jpg
1881-09-03 Gen Lord Chelmsford Isandula Spy S 370
Lord Chelmsford Vanity Fair 3 September 1881.jpg
1881-09-10 Mr J Walter MP The Times Spy S 371
John Walter, Vanity Fair, 1881-09-10.jpg
1881-09-17 The Earl Fortescue Sanitas T S 372
Earl Fortescue Vanity Fair 17 September 1881.jpg
1881-09-24 Lord H.J. Montagu-Douglas-Scott MP South Hants T S 373
Henry John Douglas-Scott-Montagu Vanity Fair 24 September 1881.jpg
1881-10-01 The Duke of Norfolk Our little Duke Spy S 374
15th Duke of Norfolk.png
1881-10-08 Mr William McArthur MP The Lord Mayor Spy S 375
William McArthur, Vanity Fair, 1881-10-08.jpg
1881-10-15 Lord Rendlesham MP Property in Suffolk T S 376
Lord Rendlesham Vanity Fair 15 October 1881.JPG
1881-10-22 The Earl of Macclesfield A coachman Spy S 377
Earl of Macclesfield Vanity Fair 22 October 1881.jpg
1881-10-29 The Hon W Lowther MP Westmorland Spy S 378
William Lowther Vanity Fair 29 October 1881.jpg
1881-11-05 Sir R. Knightley Bt MP a fine old Tory Spy S 379
Rainald Knightley Vanity Fair 5 November 1881.jpg
1881-11-12 The Earl of Rosslyn The Kirk of Scotland T S 380
Earl of Rosslyn Vanity Fair 12 November 1881.JPG
1881-11-19 The Rt Hon Lord Blackburn a lord of appeal Spy S 381
Colin Blackburn, Vanity Fair, 1881-11-19.jpg
1881-11-26 Viscount Hawarden hereditary whip T S 382
Viscount Hawarden Vanity Fair 26 November 1881.jpg
1881-12-03 Mr M. Fenwick-Bisset MP The General Spy S 383
Mordaunt Fenwick-Bisset Vanity Fair 3 December 1881.jpg
1881-12-07 C.S. Parnell and J. Dillon Force no Remedy Furniss WS
Force No Remedy Vanity Fair 7 December 1881.jpg
1881-12-07 W.E. Gladstone and C. Bradlaugh The Gladstone Memorial WS
The Gladstone Memorial Vanity Fair 7 December 1881.jpg
1881-12-10 The Hon Charles Robert Spencer MP Bradlaugh's Baby Spy S 384
Charles Robert Spencer Vanity Fair 10 December 1881.jpg
1881-12-17 The Earl of Leven And Melville amiability Spy S 385
Earl of Leven and Melville Vanity Fair 17 December 1881.jpg
1881-12-24 Vice-Adm Sir J.E. Commerell KCB A Jingo T M 0250
John Edmund Commerell Vanity Fair 24 December 1881.jpg
1881-12-31 The Hon A.W. Fulke-Greville Racing & Politics Spy M 0251
Algernon William Fulke Greville Vanity Fair 31 December 1881.JPG