List of Vanity Fair caricatures/1885

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Publication Date Subject Caption Caricaturist Notes Pic.
1885-01-03 His Grace The Duke of Wellington the Iron Duke's Grandson Ape S 457
Henry Wellesley, Vanity Fair, 1885-01-03.jpg
1885-01-10 The Rt Rev AW Thorold DD Rochester Spy M 0322
Anthony Wilson Thorold Bishop of Rochester Vanity Fair 10 January 1885.jpg
1885-01-17 Col JP Mahon MP Mhagthamma Spy S 458
James Patrick Mahon, Vanity Fair, 1885-01-17.jpg
1885-01-24 Sir S Wilson a squatter Spy M 0323
Samuel Wilson Vanity Fair 24 January 1885.jpg
1885-01-31 Mr WS Blunt a prophet Ape M 0324
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt Vanity Fair 31 January 1885.jpg
1885-02-07 Sir George Chetwynd Bt racing Spy M 0325
George Chetwynd, Vanity Fair, 1885-02-07.jpg
1885-02-14 Sir William Rose KCB the Clerk to Parliaments Spy M 0326
William Rose Vanity Fair 14 February 1885.jpg
1885-02-21 Mr CH Wilson MP Hull Ape S 459
Charles Henry Wilson, Vanity Fair, 1885-02-21.jpg
1885-02-28 Sir TE Colebrooke Bt MP Lanarkshire Spy S 460
Thomas Edward Colebrooke, Vanity Fair, 1885-02-28.jpg
1885-03-07 The Hon Sir JF Stephen KCSI The Criminal Code Spy J 14
James Fitzjames Stephen Vanity Fair 7 March 1885.jpg
1885-03-14 Mr John Delacour John Spy M 0327
Spy Delacouur.jpg
1885-03-21 Sig L Arditi Il Bacio Ape M 0328
Luigi Arditi, Vanity Fair, 1885-03-21.jpg
1885-03-28 The Hon Sir JW Chitty The Umpire Spy J 15
Chitty JW Vanity Fair 1885-03-28.jpg
1885-04-04 Mr J Roberts Jr The champion Roberts Spy M 0329
John Roberts, Jr. Vanity Fair 1885-04-04.jpg
1885-04-11 Mr Robert W Eddis FSA Architecture militant Ape M 0330
Robert W. Eddis Vanity Fair 1885-04-11.jpg
1885-04-18 Mr Edward Brydges-Willyams MP Cornwall Spy S 461
Edward Brydges Willyams Vanity Fair 1885-04-18.jpg
1885-04-25 The Rt Hon WE Baxter MP Montrose Spy S 462
William Edward Baxter Vanity Fair 1885-04-25.jpg
1885-05-02 Mr Thomas Hay Sweet Escott the Fortnightly Review Ape M 0331
Thomas Hay Sweet Escott Vanity Fair 1885-05-02.jpg
1885-05-09 Sir JE Eardley-Wilmot Bt MP South Warwickshire Spy S 463
John Eardley-Wilmot Vanity Fair 1885-05-09.jpg
1885-05-16 Hassan Fehmy Pasha The Turkish Alliance Spy S 464
Hassan Fehmy Pasha, Vanity Fair, 1885-05-16.jpg
1885-05-23 Mr Justin McCarthy MP Irish history Spy S 465
Justin McCarthy Vanity Fair 1885-05-23.jpg
1885-05-30 Maj The Hon Augustus George Frederick Jocelyn The Father of the Rag Ape M 0332
Augustus GF Jocelyn, Vanity Fair, 1885-05-30.jpg
1885-06-06 The Ven Benjamin Harrison MA the Revised Version of the Bible Spy M 0333
Benjamin Harrison Vanity Fair 6 June 1885.jpg
1885-06-13 Sir ER Sullivan Bt Common-sense in politics Ape M 0334
Edward Robert Sullivan Vanity Fair 1885-06-13.jpg
1885-06-20 The Rev Edmond Warre DD the head Spy M 0335
Warre E Vanity Fair 1885-06-20.jpg
1885-06-27 Sir FG Milner Bt MP York Ape M 0336
Frederick Milner Vanity Fair 1885-06-27.jpg
1885-07-04 The Rt Hon E Gibson PC QC LLD Dublin University Spy S 466
Edward Gibson, Vanity Fair, 1885-07-04.jpg
1885-07-11 The Earl of Limerick a Freemason Ape S 467
3rd Earl of Limerick.png
1885-07-18 The Rt Rev Charles Ellicott DD Revision Spy S 468; Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol
Charles Ellicott Vanity Fair 18 July 1885.jpg
1885-07-25 Lord Calthorpe Fred Spy S 469
The Lord Calthorpe Vanity Fair 1885-07-25.jpg
1885-08-01 Mr Samuel Charles Allsopp MP Burton Beer Spy S 470
Samuel Charles Allsopp, Vanity Fair, 1885-08-01.jpg
1885-08-08 Maj-Gen Sir Peter Stark Lumsden GCB CSI Afghan frontier Spy M 0337
Peter Stark Lumsden Vanity Fair 8 August 1885.jpg
1885-08-15 Mr Edward Birkbeck MP the fisherman's friend Ape S 471
Edward Birkbeck Vanity Fair 15 August 1885.jpg
1885-08-22 Mr Corney Grain Corney Grain Spy M 0338
1885-08-29 Mr Opfer of Blowitz The Times Ape M 0339; smaller picture of him with back to viewer in bottom corner
Henri Blowitz Vanity Fair 1885-08-29.jpg
1885-09-05 Mr William James Richmond Cotton the City Spy S 472
William James Richmond Cotton Vanity Fair 5 September 1885.jpg
1885-09-12 Tom Cannon Tom Cannon Spy M 0340
Tom Cannon, Vanity Fair, 1885-09-12.jpg
1885-09-19 M Paul Lessar The Affghan frontier Ape M 0341
Paul Lessar Vanity Fair 19 September 1885.jpg
1885-09-26 Mr A Akers-Douglas MP The Kent Gang Ape S 473
1885-10-03 Mr WH Houldsworth MP Manchester Ape S 474
William Henry Houldsworth, Vanity Fair, 1885-10-03.jpg
1885-10-10 Mr Richard John Lloyd Price Of Rhiwlas pointers Spy M 0342
Richard John Lloyd Price of Rhiwlas, Vanity Fair, 1885-10-10.jpg
1885-10-17 Mr JP Edwards MP The Echo Ape S 475
John Passmore Edwards Vanity Fair 1885-10-17.jpg
1885-10-24 Capt RF Burton The Arabian Nights Ape M 0343
Richard Francis Burton Vanity Fair 1885-10-24.jpg
1885-10-31 Mr CT Ritchie MP Sugar Bounties Ape S 476
Charles Thomson Ritchie.png
1885-11-07 Sir Robert Bateson-Harvey Bt MP Bucks Spy S 477
Robert Bateson Harvey Vanity Fair 1885-11-07.jpg
1885-11-14 Sig P Tosti For ever and for ever Ape M 0344
Francesco Paolo Tosti, Vanity Fair, 1885-11-14.jpg
1885-11-21 Mr Tom Nickalls Tom PAT M 0345
Tom Nickalls Vanity Fair 1885-11-21.jpg
1885-11-28 The Rt Hon The Earl of Harrowby the Sugar of Toryism Ape S 478
The Earl of Harrowby Vanity Fair 1885-11-28.jpg
1885-11-30 The Paddock at Newmarket Newmarket 1885 Lib WS; the Prince of Wales and other racegoers with jockey Fred Archer; double print
Newmarket Vanity Fair 30 November 1885.jpg
1885-12-05 Baron de Staal The Russian Ambassador Ape S 479
Baron de Staal Vanity Fair 5 December 1885.jpg
1885-12-12 Mr Samuel Pope QC Jumbo Spy M 0346
Samuel Pope Vanity Fair 12 December 1885.JPG
1885-12-19 Sir GCA Arthur Bt The Mite Spy M 0347
Sir George Arthur, 3rd Baronet Vanity Fair 1885-12-19.jpg
1885-12-26 The Rt Rev George Howard Wilkinson DD Truro Spy S 480
George Howard Wilkinson Vanity Fair 26 December 1885.jpg