List of Vanity Fair caricatures/1887

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Publication Date Subject Caption Caricaturist Notes Pic.
1887-01-01 Lord Truro Universal Knowledge Ape S 509
Charles Wilde, Vanity Fair, 1887-01-01.jpg
1887-01-08 M L Pasteur Hydrophobia T M 0372
Louis Pasteur Vanity Fair 8 January 1887.jpg
1887-01-15 Gen Sir DM Stewart Bt GCB GCSI CIE LLD Ahmed Khel Ape M 0373
Donald Martin Stewart, Vanity Fair, 1887-01-15.jpg
1887-01-22 The Earl of Ellesmere Bridgewater House Ape S 510
Earl of Ellesmere Vanity Fair 22 January 1887.jpg
1887-01-29 The Rt Hon Sir HT Holland MP the Colonies Ape S 511
Henry Holland Vanity Fair 29 January 1887.jpg
1887-02-05 Lt-Gen Sir SJ Browne KCB KCSI VC Sir Sam Ape M 0374
Sam Browne Vanity Fair 1887-02-05.jpg
1887-02-12 Sir Charles Parker Butt divorce Ape J 16
Charles Parker Butt, Vanity Fair, 1887-02-12.jpg
1887-02-19 The Viscount Ebrington MP The Devon and Somerset Ape S 512; Master of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds
Viscount Ebrington Vanity Fair 19 February 1887.png
1887-02-26 Col EJ Saunderson MP Irish loyalty Ape S 513
Edward James Saunderson, Vanity Fair, 1887-02-26.jpg
1887-03-05 Lord Coleridge The Lord Chief Justice Ape J 17
John Coleridge Vanity Fair 5 March 1887.jpg
1887-03-12 Gen G Boulanger La Revanche T S 514
Georges Ernest Boulanger, Vanity Fair, 1887-03-12.jpg
1887-03-19 Col Francis Duncan RA MP CB LLD DCL MA Finsbury Ape S 515
Francis Duncan, Vanity Fair, 1887-03-19.jpg
1887-03-26 Capt JCR Colomb MP The Rule of the Road at Sea Ape S 516
John Charles Ready Colomb, Vanity Fair, 1887-03-26.jpg
1887-04-02 Lt-Gen Sir EB Hamley KCB KCMG MP English Strategy Ape S 517
Edward Bruce Hamley Vanity Fair 1887-04-02.jpg
1887-04-09 The Rev JL Lyne Father Ignatius Ape M 0375
Joseph Leycester Lyne.png
1887-04-16 Lord Burghley MP North Northamptonshire Ape S 518
Brownlow Henry George Cecil, Vanity Fair, 1887-04-16.jpg
1887-04-23 Sir Julian Goldsmid Bt MP St Pancras Ape S 519
Julian Goldsmid, Vanity Fair, 1887-04-23.jpg
1887-04-30 Mr Justice WV Field Stay, please Spy J 18
William Field Vanity Fair 30 April 1887.jpg
1887-05-07 Mr John Dillon MP the Plan of Campaign Ape S 520
John Dillon, Vanity Fair, 1887-05-07.jpg
1887-05-14 Sir JP Corry Bt MP a temperate Ulster man Ape S 521
James Corry Vanity Fair 14 May 1887.jpg
1887-05-21 Mr H Rider Haggard She Spy M 0376 Fair.May.21,1887.jpg
1887-05-28 Mr George Pitt-Lewis QC MP Barnstaple Spy S 522
George Pitt-Lewis, Vanity Fair, 1887-05-28.jpg
1887-06-04 Sir HM Meysey-Thompson Bt Coaching Ape M 0377
Henry Meysey-Thompson, Vanity Fair, 1887-06-04.jpg
1887-06-11 Col John Hargreaves MFH Mr Hargreaves Spy M 0378
John Hargreaves Vanity Fair 1887-06-11.jpg
1887-06-18 Gen Sir Frederick Charles Arthur Stephenson G.C.B. dear old Ben Spy M 0379
General Stephenson Vanity Fair 18 June 1887.JPG
1887-06-25 John Watts Lib M 0380
John Watts Vanity Fair 25 June 1887.jpg
1887-07-02 The Rt Hon AW Peel PC MP The Speaker Spy S 523
Arthur Peel Vanity Fair 2 July 1887.JPG
1887-07-09 Sir Henry Barkly KCB GCMG The Cape of Good Hope Spy M 0381
Henry Barkly Vanity Fair 9 July 1887.jpg
1887-07-16 The Rev James Leigh Joynes MA Jimmy Spy M 0382; lower Master at Eton
James Leigh Joynes, Vanity Fair, 1887-07-16.jpg
1887-07-23 Mr Henry Ernest Schlesinger Benzon The Jubilee Plunger Spy M 0383
Henry Ernest Schlesinger Benzon Vanity Fair 23 July 1887.jpg
1887-07-30 The Rt Hon EW Benson The Primate Spy S 524
Edward Benson Vanity Fair 1887-07-30.jpeg
1887-08-06 Mr CI Elton QC MP Court Roll Spy S 525
Charles Isaac Elton, Vanity Fair, 1887-08-06.jpg
1887-08-13 Mr HJB Manners Lord Salisbury's Manners Ape M 0384
Henry John Brinsley Manners, Vanity Fair, 1887-08-13.jpg
1887-08-20 Mr Frank Lockwood QC MP York Spy S 526
Frank Lockwood, Vanity Fair, 1887-08-20.jpg
1887-08-27 The Mahraj Sir Pertab Sing KCSI Jodhpore Spy M 0385
Pratap Singh Vanity Fair 27 August 1887.jpg
1887-09-03 George Barrett George Barrett Lib M 0386
George Barrett Vanity Fair 3 September 1887.jpg
1887-09-10 The Rt Hon Henry Matthews QC MP The Home Secretary Spy S 527
Henry Matthews, Vanity Fair, 1887-09-10.jpg
1887-09-17 Mr JH Heaton MP International Penny Postage Spy S 528
John Henniker Heaton, Vanity Fair, 1887-09-17.jpg
1887-09-24 The Rt Hon A Balfour PC LLD MP the Irish Secretary Spy S 529
Arthur James Balfour, Vanity Fair, 1887-09-24.jpg
1887-10-01 Sir JW Pease Bt MP Peace Spy S 530
Joseph Pease Vanity Fair 1 October 1887.jpg
1887-10-08 The Hon Sir WR Grove galvanic electricity Spy J 19
William Robert Grove, Vanity Fair, 1887-10-08.jpg
1887-10-15 Sir Morrell Mackenzie Kt Disease of the Throat Ape M 0387
Morell Mackenzie Vanity Fair 15 October 1887.jpg
1887-10-22 Mr T Sutherland MP P and O Ape S 531
Thomas Sutherland, Vanity Fair, 1887-10-22.jpg
1887-10-29 The Hon Sir Ford North gentle manners Spy M 0388
Sir Ford North Vanity Fair 29 October 1887.jpg
1887-11-05 The Rt Hon WE Gladstone MP The Grand Old Man Spy S 532
William Ewart Gladstone Vanity Fair 5 November 1887.jpg
1887-11-12 The Rt Hon WH Smith MP First Lord of the Treasury Spy S 533
William Henry Smith Vanity Fair 12 November 1887.jpg
1887-11-19 Maj Lord HAG Somerset Podge Spy M 0388
Major Lord Henry Arthur George Somerset (1851-1926), - Vanity fair nov 19 1887.jpg
1887-11-26 Alderman Rt Hon Polydore de Keyser the Lord mayor Spy M 0389
Polydore de Keyser, Vanity Fair, 1887-11-26.jpg
1887-12-03 Capt James Octavius Machell Jem Spy M 0390
James Octavius Machell, Vanity Fair, 1887-12-03.jpg
1887-12-06 Newmarket Tattersall's, 1887 Lib WS; double print
Newmarket, Vanity Fair, 1887-12-06.jpg
1887-12-10 J Osborne Johnny Lib M 0391
John Osborne Vanity Fair 10 December 1887.jpg
1887-12-17 The Rt Hon Edward Heneage PC MP Grimsby Spy S 534
Edward Heneage Vanity Fair 17 December 1887.JPG
1887-12-24 The Earl of Durham Coals Spy S 535
Earl of Durham Vanity Fair 24 December 1887.jpg
1887-12-31 The Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire Dover Lib S 535
Henry Charles Howard, Vanity Fair, 1887-12-31.jpg