List of Vanity Fair caricatures/1893

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Publication Date Subject Caption Caricaturist Notes Pic.
1893-01-07 The Archbishop of Westminster Westminster Spy M 0554
Herbert Vaughan Vanity Fair 7 January 1893.jpg
1893-01-14 The Hon Sir RH Collins Smith's Leading Cases Quiz J 38
Richard Henn Collins, Vanity Fair, 1893-01-14.jpg
1893-01-21 The King of Spain A born King So 20
Alfonso XIII, Vanity Fair, 1893-01-21.jpg
1893-01-28 Lord Wenlock Madras BINT S 608
Beilby Lawley, Vanity Fair, 1893-01-28.jpg
1893-02-04 M Quesnay de Beaurepaire As Procureur Général GUTH M 0555
Quesnay De Beaurepaire Vanity Fair 4 February 1893.jpg
1893-02-11 Mr JWC Carr An Art Critic Spy M 0556
1893-02-18 The Hon Sir JG Barnes Admiralty Jurisdiction Spy J 39
Gorell Barnes Vanity Fair 18 February 1893.jpg
1893-02-25 The Rt Hon J Bryce MP Privy Councillor, Professor and Politician STUFF S 609
James Bryce Vanity Fair 25 February 1893.jpg
1893-03-04 Col The Hon WHP Carington MP Bill Spy M 0557
William Henry Peregrine Carington Vanity Fair 4 March 1893.jpg
1893-03-11 M A Daudet He wrote 'Sapho' GUTH M 0558
Alphonse Daudet Vanity Fair 11 March 1893.jpg
1893-03-18 Mr William Alfred Littledale Fletcher Flea Spy M 0559
William Alfred Littledale Fletcher, Vanity Fair, 1893-03-18.jpg
1893-03-25 Lord Justice The Rt Hon Henry Charles Lopes An Old Fashined Judge Quiz J 40
Henry Charles Lopes Vanity Fair 25 March 1893.jpg
1893-04-01 The President of St John's College, Oxford St John's Spy M 0560
James Bellamy, Vanity Fair, 1893-04-01.jpg
1893-04-08 The President of Magdalen College, Oxford Magdalen College Spy M 0561
Thomas Herbert Warren, Vanity Fair, 1893-04-08.jpg
1893-04-13 Mr HH Cozens-Hardy QC MP North Norfolk Spy M 0562
Herbert Hardy Cozens-Hardy, Vanity Fair, 1893-04-13.jpg
1893-04-20 Mr WH Kendal Mr WH Kendal Spy M 0563
William Hunter Kendal, Vanity Fair, 1893-04-20.jpg
1893-04-27 The Duke of Somerset An old fashioned Duke Spy S 610
Algernon Percy Banks St. Maur, Vanity Fair, 1893-04-27.jpg
1893-05-04 The Count of Catena Count Strickland Hay M 0564
Gerald Strickland, Vanity Fair, 1893-05-04.jpg
1893-05-11 Mr Harry Robert Graham MP West St Pancras Spy S 611
Harry Robert Graham, Vanity Fair, 1893-05-11.jpg
1893-05-18 Sir Frederick Seager Hunt Bt MP West Marylebone Spy S 612
1893-05-25 Prof RLK Virchow Cellular Pathology Spy M 0565
Rudolf Virchow, by Leslie Ward (Spy).jpg
1893-06-01 Sir James Sivewright MA LLD KCMG Imperialist Afrikander Spy M 0566
James Sivewright, Vanity Fair, 1893-06-01.jpg
1893-06-08 Mr Fred Crisp He Owns 'Chancellor' Spy M 0567
Fred Crisp Vanity Fair 8 June 1893.jpg
1893-06-15 Mr Alpheus Cleophas Morton MP Peterborough Spy S 613
Alpheus Cleophas Morton, Vanity Fair, 1893-06-15.jpg
1893-06-22 Mr WS Penley Charley's Aunt Spy M 0568
William Sydney Penley Vanity Fair 22 June 1893.jpg
1893-06-29 Lord Thring He has written on Companies Spy S 614
Henry Thring, Vanity Fair, 1893-06-29.jpg
1893-07-06 HSH the Princess Victoria Mary of Teck Victoria Mary of Teck Leslie Ward L 12; issued on the occasion of her marriage to the Prince of Wales. Her signature shown in facsimile. One of the few 'Spy cartoons' to bear Ward's real name
Victoria Mary of Teck, Vanity Fair, 1893-07-06.jpg
1893-07-13 Mr Charles Frederick Hamond MP Newcastle-upon-Tyne Spy S 615
Charles Frederick Hamond, Vanity Fair, 1893-07-13.jpg
1893-07-20 Mr Arthur Hepburn Hastie he is a smart fellow and an honest lawyer Spy M 0569
Arthur Hepburn Hastie, Vanity Fair, 1893-07-20.jpg
1893-07-27 Sir John Richard Somers Vine CMG The Imperial Institute Spy M 0570
John Richard Somers Vine, Vanity Fair, 1893-07-27.jpg
1893-08-03 M BC Coquelin Coquelin Ainé GUTH M 0571
Coquelin in Vanity Fair 1893.jpg
1893-08-10 Sir RW Payne-Gallwey Bt Letters to young Shooters Spy M 0572
Ralph Frankland-Payne-Gallwey, Vanity Fair, 1893-08-10.jpg
1893-08-17 Mr W Winans The Record Revolver Shot VA M 0573
Walter W. Winans, Vanity Fair, 1893-08-17.jpg
1893-08-24 Sig P Mascagni Cavalleria Rusticana Lib M 0574
Pietro Antonio Stefano Mascagni, Vanity Fair, 1893-08-24.jpg
1893-08-31 Sir J Rigby QC MP Mr Solicitor STUFF S 616
Lord Justice Rigby.jpg
1893-09-07 The Duke of Beaufort KG PC Badminton Spy S 617
Duke of Beaufort Vanity Fair 7 September 1893.jpg
1893-09-14 Lord Morris of Spiddal an Irish lawyer Spy S 618
Michael Morris, Vanity Fair, 1893-09-14.jpg
1893-09-21 Mr Arthur John Edward Newton The Marlborough Street Solicitor Spy M 0576
Arthur John Edward Newton Vanity Fair 21 September 1893.jpg
1893-09-28 Sir HE Maxwell Bt MP Wigtownshire Spy S 619
Herbert Eustace Maxwell Vanity Fair 28 September 1893.jpg
1893-10-05 Mr WG Ellison-Macartney MP Fighting Ulster Spy S 620
William Grey Ellison-Macartney, Vanity Fair, 1893-10-05.jpg
1893-10-12 Mr Thomas Henry Bolton MP Buonaparte B Spy S 621
Thomas Henry Bolton, Vanity Fair, 1893-10-12.jpg
1893-10-19 Mr RA Yerburgh Chester Spy S 622
Robert Armstrong Yerburgh, Vanity Fair, 1893-10-19.jpg
1893-10-26 Mr W Allan MP The Gateshead Giant Spy S 623
William Allan, Vanity Fair, 1893-10-26.jpg
1893-11-02 The Hon Frederic Morgan MP Fred Spy S 624
Frederick Courtenay Morgan Vanity Fair 1893-11-02.jpg
1893-11-09 Mr EH Carson Dublin University Lib S 625
Edward Carson Vanity Fair 9 November 1893.jpg
1893-11-16 Mr Harry Lawson Webster Lawson MP Cirencester Spy S 626
Harry Levy-Lawson Vanity Fair 1893-11-16.jpg
1893-11-23 Sir WH Wills Bt Birdseye Spy M 0575
William Henry Wills, Vanity Fair, 1893-11-23.jpg
1893-11-30 On the Terrace A Political Spectacle ("The Ayes have it - the Noes have it") Spy WS; J Chamberlain, A Chamberlain, Gorst, Temple, Balfour, Harcourt, McCarthy, Mundella; double print
On the Terrace, Vanity Fair, 1893-11-30.jpg
1893-12-07 The Hon Sir Lewis William Cave That won't do you know Spy J 42
Lewis Cave Vanity Fair 1893-12-07.jpg
1893-12-14 The Hon Sir William Rann Kennedy Our weakest Judge Spy J 43
William Rann Kennedy Vanity Fair 14 December 1893.jpg
1893-12-21 The Earl of Darnley Cobham Hall Spy S 627
John Stuart Bligh, Vanity Fair, 1893-12-21.jpg
1893-12-28 M Pierre Louis Albert Decrais M Decrais GUTH M 0576
Pierre Louis Albert Decrais Vanity Fair 28 December 1893.JPG