List of Vanity Fair caricatures/1907

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Publication Date Subject Caption Caricaturist Notes Pic.
1907-01-02 The Rt Hon SC Buxton The Post-Master General Spy M 1047
Sydney Charles Buxton, Vanity Fair, 1907-01-02.jpg
1907-01-09 Gen Sir WF Butler GCB a Radical General Spy M 1048
William Francis Butler Vanity Fair 9 January 1907.jpg
1907-01-16 Mr FE Smith MP A Successful First Speech ("Moab is my Washpot") Spy M 1049
Birkenhead by Spy0002.jpg
1907-01-23 Mr AH Lee MP Our Army Critic Spy M 1050
Arthur Hamilton Lee, 1907-01-23, Vanity Fair.jpg
1907-01-30 Father John Bernard Vaughann SJ A Modern Savonarola Spy M 1051
Father John Vaughan, Vanity Fair, 30 January 1907.jpg
1907-02-06 The Lord Bishop of Truro A Most Select Preacher Spy M 1052
The Rt Rev Charles Stubbs, Vanity Fair, 6 February 1907.jpg
1907-02-13 Lord Althorp MP An Expert In Ceremony Spy M 1053
Charles Robert Spencer, Vanity Fair, 1907-02-13.jpg
1907-02-20 Mr JD Rees MP Montgomery District Spy M 1054
John David Rees Vanity Fair 1907-02-20.jpg
1907-02-27 Mr William Gillette Sherlock Holmes Spy M 1055
William Gillette, Vanity Fair, 1907-02-27.jpg
1907-03-06 Lord Southampton The Sinner Spy M 1056
Charles FitzRoy, Vanity Fair, 1907-03-06.jpg
1907-03-13 Douglas Stuart Duggie Spy M 1057
Stuart DCR Vanity Fair 1907-03-13.jpg
1907-03-20 Lord de Ros The premier Baron Spy M 1058
1907-03-27 Mr Henry Chartres Biron Worship Street Spy M 1059
Henry Chartres Biron 'Worship Street'. Law. Spy. 1907.jpg
1907-04-03 Sir WJ Bull MP Hammersmith Spy M 1060
Sir William Bull, Vanity Fair, 3 April 1907.jpg
1907-04-10 The Hon Charles Russell A Son of his Father Spy M 1061
Charles Russell 10 April 1907.jpg
1907-04-17 Sir Henry Joseph Wood Queen's Hall Spy M 1062
Henry Joseph Wood Vanity Fair 17 April 1907.jpg
1907-04-24 Mr Henry Kemble Hereditary Actor Spy M 1063
Henry Kemble, Vanity Fair, 24 April 1907.jpg
1907-05-01 The Rt Hon Sir Nicholas Roderick O'Conor GCMG KCB Diplomacy Spy M 1064
Sir Nicholas Roderick O'Conor, Vanity Fair, 1 May 1907.jpg
1907-05-08 The Hon Mr Justice CJ Darling Judicial Light Weight Spy M 1065 (also pictured 1897-07-15)
Charles Darling Vanity Fair 1897-07-15.jpg
1907-05-15 P O'Brien United Ireland Spy M 1066
Pat O'Brien Vanity Fair 15 May 1907.jpg
1907-05-22 Rev Canon Frederick Alfred John Hervey CVO MA Domestic Chaplain Ao M 1067
Frederick Alfred John Hervey, Vanity Fair, 1907-05-22.jpg
1907-05-29 Gen Louis Botha Uncle Louis PYG M 1068
Louis Botha Vanity Fair 1907-05-29.jpg
1907-06-05 John Henry Martin Skeets Ao M 1069
John "Skeets" Martin caricature.jpg
1907-06-12 The Rt Hon Edmund Robertson MP Admiralty Spy M 1070
Edmund Robertson, Vanity Fair, 12 June 1907.jpg
1907-06-19 Mr GA Prentice The Portly One Spy M 1071
G. A. Prentice, Vanity Fair, 19 June 1907.jpg
1907-06-26 J Braid Jimmy Spy M 1072
James Braid Vanity Fair 26 June 1907.jpg
1907-07-03 Mr BC Johnstone Bush Spy M 1073
Johnstone BC Vanity Fair 1907-07-03.jpg
1907-07-10 Mr CM Wells Father Spy M 1074
Cyril Wells Vanity Fair 10 July 1907.jpg
1907-07-17 Lord Suffield PC GCVO KCB Suffield Ape M 1075 (also pictured 1879-05-03)
Charles Harbord, Vanity Fair, 1879-05-03.jpg
1907-07-24 Mr Harry Seymour Foster MP The Fishermen's Friend Spy M 1076 (also pictured 1891-09-26)
Harry Foster, Vanity Fair, 24 July 1907.jpg
1907-07-31 Mr A Gwynne Vanderbilt Mr Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt Spy M 1077
Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt Vanity Fair 1907-07-31.jpg
1907-08-07 Sir R Bulkeley Bt Tiggy Spy M 1078
Richard Williams-Bulkeley, Vanity Fair, 1907-08-07.jpg
1907-08-14 Mr KL Hutchings A Century Maker Spy M 1079
Kenneth Hutchings Vanity Fair 14 August 1907.jpg
1907-08-21 The Earl of Portsmouth The Demon Spy M 1080
Earl of Portsmouth Vanity Fair 21 August 1907.jpg
1907-08-28 Sir John Ormerod Scarlett Thursby JOS Spy M 1081
John Ormerod Scarlett Thursby Vanity Fair 28 August 1907.jpg
1907-09-04 Mr WS Buckmaster Buck Spy M 1082
Walter Buckmaster, Vanity Fair, 4 September 1907.jpg
1907-09-11 Lord Carrington Small holdings Spy M 1083
Lord Carrington Vanity Fair 11 September 1907.jpg
1907-09-18 Sir AD Fripp A Master of the knife Spy M 1084
Sir Alfred Fripp00.jpg
1907-09-25 The Earl of Aylesford Charlie Aylesford Ao M 1085
Earl of Aylesford Vanity Fair 25 September 1907.jpg
1907-10-02 Marquess de Soveral GCMG GCVO Unlike Wilkes, who was only half-an-hour behind the handsomest man in Europe, M de Soveral is usually a minute or two ahead of him Ruth M 1086
1907-10-09 TJ Macnamara MA LLD MP The School Master Spy M 1087
Thomas Macnamara.JPG
1907-10-16 The Hon Sir AT Lawrence Lorry Spy M 1088
Alfred Lawrence, 1907-10-16, Vanity Fair.jpg
1907-10-23 Mr Hugh Cecil Lea MP East St Pancras Spy M 1089
Hugh Lea, Vanity Fair, 23 October 1907.jpg
1907-10-30 Mr Samuel Fay Great Central Spy M 1090
Samuel Fay Vanity Fair 30 October 1907.jpg
1907-11-06 Mr Frederic Abernethy Coleman Steam Spy M 1091
Frederic Abernethy Coleman, Vanity Fair, 1907-11-06.jpg
1907-11-13 The Rt Hon D Lloyd-George A Nonconformist Genius Spy M 1092
David Lloyd George, 1907-11-13, Vanity Fair.jpg
1907-11-20 Mr James Buchanan Whisky and Horses Spy M 1093
James Buchanan, Vanity Fair, 1907-11-20.jpg
1907-11-27 The Hon Mr Justice Warrington A very Sound Judge Spy M 1094
Thomas Warrington, 1907-11-27, Vanity Fair.jpg
1907-12-04 Lt-Gen Sir George Luck KCB A Keeper of the Tower Spy M 1095
George Luck, Vanity Fair, 1907-12-04.jpg
1907-12-11 Mr Frank Hedges Butler The Air Spy M 1096; Founder, Royal Aero Club
Frank Hedges Butler, Vanity Fair, 1907-12-11.jpg
1907-12-18 Mr George Thursby Mr George Spy M 1097
George Thursby Vanity Fair 18 December 1907.jpg
1907-12-25 Mr GH du Maurier Gerald Spy M 1098
Gerald du Maurier Vanity Fair 25 December 1907.jpg