Liveries of Edinburgh Corporation Transport / Lothian Region Transport / Lothian Buses

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English: The standard and special liveries, and route branding, used by Lothian Buses and its predecessors, Lothian Region Transport and Edinburgh Corporation Transport, the main bus operator for Edinburgh, Scotland.

Standard liveries[edit]

Madder and White (original)[edit]

Original Harlequin[edit]

Simplified Harlequin[edit]

Madder and White (2010 onwards)[edit]

Ordinary service route branding[edit]

Route 15 (Madder and White in Red)[edit]

Minor branding[edit]

Early Harlequin[edit]

Route 35 (lilac)[edit]

Route 30 (orange)[edit]

Route 22 (madder)[edit]

Playing Cards theme[edit]

Route 26 - Hearts (red)[edit]

Route 3/3A - Clubs (yellow)[edit]

Route 44 - Diamonds (black)[edit]

Route 31 - Spades (orange)[edit]

Route 29 - The Best Deal (red & lime green)[edit]

Route 49 - Leader of the Pack (blue)[edit]

Route 37/47/X47 - Penicuick CityLink (Harlequin + blue)[edit]

Connect theme[edit]

Route 22 (Harlequin + pink)[edit]

Route 26 (Harlequin + red)[edit]

Route 3 (New Madder & White + yellow)[edit]

Coach division[edit]

Tour buses[edit]

Edinburgh Classic Tour[edit]

City Sightseeing[edit]

Majestic Tour[edit]

Version 1[edit]

Version 2[edit]

Edinburgh Tour[edit]

Version 1[edit]

Version 2[edit]

Mac Tours[edit]

Airport buses[edit]


Airlink 100[edit]

Version 1[edit]

Version 2[edit]

Edinburgh Shuttle[edit]

Park and Ride[edit]

Contract buses[edit]

Standard Life shuttle (Route 61)[edit]

Forth Boat Tours shuttle[edit]

Hearts F.C. victory bus[edit]

Buses with advertising[edit]

Zoom to the Zoo (Route 26 Connect)[edit]



Rainbow Lorikeet[edit]




Driving school[edit]

Anciliary vechicles[edit]