Logic gates unified symbols

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English: This page is a directory for matching symbols for logic gates. Only add images here if they match the images here already. All images should be SVG.



IEC Symbol

DIN Symbol

Not Labelled Labelled Not Labelled Labelled Not Labelled Labelled
Buffer Buffer ANSI.svg Buffer ANSI Labelled.svg Buffer IEC.svg Buffer IEC Labelled.svg Buffer DIN.svg Logic-gate-buf-de.svg
NOT NOT ANSI.svg NOT ANSI Labelled.svg NOT IEC.svg NOT IEC Labelled.svg NOT DIN.svg Logic-gate-inv-de.png
AND AND ANSI.svg AND ANSI Labelled.svg AND IEC.svg AND IEC Labelled.svg AND DIN.svg Logic-gate-and-de.svg
NAND NAND ANSI.svg NAND ANSI Labelled.svg NAND IEC.svg NAND IEC Labelled.svg NAND DIN.svg Logic-gate-nand-de.svg
OR OR ANSI.svg OR ANSI Labelled.svg OR IEC.svg OR IEC Labelled.svg OR DIN.svg Logic-gate-or-de.png
NOR NOR ANSI.svg NOR ANSI Labelled.svg NOR IEC.svg NOR IEC Labelled.svg NOR DIN.svg Logic-gate-nor-de.png


XOR ANSI.svg XOR ANSI Labelled.svg XOR IEC.svg XOR IEC Labelled.svg XOR DIN.svg Logic-gate-xor-de.png
XOR DIN 2.svg Logic-gate-xor-de-2.png


XNOR ANSI.svg XNOR ANSI Labelled.svg XNOR IEC.svg XNOR IEC Labelled.svg XNOR DIN.svg Logic-gate-xnor-de.png
XNOR DIN 2.svg Logic-gate-xnor-de-2.png