Lotus Esprit

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English: The Lotus Esprit is a sports car built by Lotus from 1976 to 2004.
Deutsch: Der Lotus Esprit ist ein Sportwagen der von Lotus von 1976 bis 2004 gebaut wurde.


The Esprit S1 entered production in 1976.


The Esprit S2 replaced the S1 in 1978, and features taillights from the Rover SD1. There was also the rare 2.2 litre "S2.2" and the limited production Essex Turbo (45 examples built).


The Esprit S3 (and Turbo) entered production in 1981 and was a more aerodynamic version, incorporating most of the Essex Turbo version improvements.

Peter Stevens redesign[edit]

In 1986 the X180 Esprit appeared, with a thoroughly modernized body. Later, the more powerful Turbo SE and Sport 300 versions appeared. The X180 was also the last Esprit available with a naturally aspirated engine.


The Esprit was again redesigned by Julian Thompson in 1993. Now called the S4, it was meant to be the last Esprit iteration. Instead, the V8 version appeared and the S4 continued in production, spawning the more focussed GT3 version as well.


The Esprit V8 appeared in 1996, and underwent a series of facelifts until the final end of production in 2004. Taillights were switched to round units for 2002.