Louis XVI of France

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English: Louis XVI of France (August 23, 1754 – January 21, 1793) succeeded his grandfather (Louis XV of France) as King of France on May 10, 1774; he was crowned on June 11, 1775. His father, the Louis dauphin son of Marie Leszczynska, had died in 1765. Louis was his father's third son by Marie Josephe of Saxony.
Français : Louis XVI, roi de France et de Navarre (1774–1789) puis roi des Français (1789–1792). Né le 23 août 1754 à Versailles, mort le 21 janvier 1793 à Paris.
Polski: Ludwik XVI, król Francji i Nawarry od 1774 do 1791, potem król Francuzów (Roi des Français) do 1792.