MGM-31 Pershing

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English: MGM-31 Pershing was a solid-fueled two-stage medium-range ballistic missiles designed and built by Martin Marietta.
日本語: MGM-31 パーシングは、マーティン・マリエッタによって設計・製造された2段式固体燃料準中距離弾道ミサイルである。



Pershing 1a[edit]

Pershing II[edit]

Pershing elimination[edit]

Unit insignia[edit]

56th Field Artillery Command[edit]

59th Ordnance Brigade[edit]

214th Field Artillery Brigade[edit]

1st Field Artillery Missile Brigade[edit]

German Air Force[edit]

  • Missile Wing 1 (Flugkörpergeschwader 1) (1963–1991)
    • Missile Group 12 (Flugkörpergruppe 12)
    • Missile Group 13 (Flugkörpergruppe 13)
  • Missile Wing 2 (Flugkörpergeschwader 2) (1965–1991)
    • Missile Group 21 (Flugkörpergruppe 21)
    • Missile Group 22 (Flugkörpergruppe 22)