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The spectacular star-forming Carina Nebula has been captured in great detail by the VLT Survey Telescope at ESO’s Paranal Observatory.  

The Wikimedia Commons is a project that provides a central repository for free images, music, sound & video clips and, possibly, texts and spoken texts, used in pages of any Wikimedia project.

Unlike images uploaded on other projects, images on Commons can be embedded on pages of all Wikimedia projects.

Images and other files can be downloaded and used elsewere too. Make sure you read and respect the image licence (on the image page) before you use it.

The Commons was launched on September 7, 2004. Currently it contains 45,596,569 files and 45,492,625 collections.



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NOTE: Many articles in Wikipedias have links to Wikimedia Commons pages. You can also search images in the commons starting in Wikipedia.



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