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Malinalco is a town and municipality located in the south of Mexico State. The town is known for an archeological site popularly known as the Cerro de los Idolos and the municipality contains the village of Chalma, which is the second most visited pilgrimage site in Mexico.

Símbolos (Symbols)[edit]

The town[edit]

There are some 6 or 7 chapels in Malinalco, like Santa Mónica, San Pedro, San Martín, Santa Maria, San Juan, la Soledad , San Guillermo and the barrios are called the same as the saint or the chapel. Main convent is from S XVI and it is called Convento Agustino de la Transfiguración but the church or main parroquia it's El Divino Salvador and the main celebration or fiesta in Malinalco is in august the 6th when Divino Salvador day is in the catholic calendar. Malinalco has nowadays the market that is most similar to an aztec market in precolumbian time. There is even a Gatronomic Tour and cooking class guided by Adriana P. de Legaspi who recreates the tools, buy the ingredientes and shows people the way to cook nopales, rabits, trucha, some insects or sopa de la milpa....always related to the season and with local and fresh ingredients.

Cerro de los Idolos[edit]