Man with Potential Selves, Newcastle upon Tyne

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English: Man with Potential Selves is a piece of public art in the city of Newcastle upon Tyne consisting of three statues, dubbed by sculptor Sean Henry as Standing Man, Walking Man and Floating Man. They are meant to represent three aspects or alter egos of the same man, based on no-one in particular, rather symbolising an Everyman character, or the working men of the city. They are sited along the length of the SSW-NNE running Lower Grainger Street on its east side, on the route north from Newcastle Central Station to Grey's Monument in the city centre.

All three statues[edit]

Standing Man[edit]

Standing Man 54°58′11″N 1°36′59″W / 54.969816°N 1.616347°W / 54.969816; -1.616347 is the northernmost figure, mounted on a small plinth near the corner with the WNW-ESE running Westgate Road, facing south down Lower Grainger Street, ie towards the station. St John the Baptist Church is behind his left shoulder, on the other side of Westgate Road.

Walking Man[edit]

Walking Man 54°58′11″N 1°36′59″W / 54.969692°N 1.616389°W / 54.969692; -1.616389 is the middle of the three figures, mounted at street level half way down the street, positioned as if walking north having just come up the stairs from the underground Central Station Metro station.

Floating Man[edit]

Floating Man 54°58′10″N 1°36′59″W / 54.969492°N 1.616486°W / 54.969492; -1.616486 is the southernmost of the three figures, mounted on a long plinth immediately south of the Metro stairwell, near the corner with the WSW-ENE running Neville Street, positioned as if floating horizontally in mid air, facing west with his head to the north, anchored only through his right elbow.