Maps of Niigata prefecture

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English: Maps of Niigata Prefecture, Japan.
日本語: 日本国新潟県の地図。


Niigata city (新潟市)[edit]

Towns and Villages[edit]

Kitakampara District (北蒲原郡)[edit]

Nishikambara District (西蒲原郡)[edit]

Minamikambara District (南蒲原郡)[edit]

Higashikambara District (東蒲原郡)[edit]

Santo District (三島郡)[edit]

Kitauonuma District (北魚沼郡)[edit]

Minamiuonuma District (南魚沼郡)[edit]

Nakauonuma District (中魚沼郡)[edit]

Kariwa District (刈羽郡)[edit]

Iwafune District (岩船郡)[edit]

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