Maps of Shimane prefecture

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English: Maps of Shimane Prefecture, Japan.
日本語: 日本国島根県の地図。


Towns and Villages[edit]

Yatsuka District (八束郡)[edit]

Nita District (仁多郡)[edit]

Iishi District (飯石郡)[edit]

Hikawa District (簸川郡)[edit]

Ochi District (邑智郡)[edit]

Kanoashi District (鹿足郡)[edit]

Oki District (隠岐郡)[edit]

Occupied Area[edit]

English: Liancourt rocks is controled by South Korea from July, 1953.
日本語: 竹島は1953年7月以降、韓国に実効支配されている。


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