Maritime flags

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English: This is a gallery of maritime flags — flags designated for use at sea.

Civil and merchant ensigns FIAV 000100.svg[edit]


1.^ Civil ensign is identical to the national flag.
2.^ Design is the same as the national flag, but the proportions are different.

State ensigns FIAV 000010.svg[edit]

Naval ensigns FIAV 000001.svg[edit]


Yacht ensigns FIAV 000100.svg[edit]

Distinguishing marks[edit]

Flown by United States Government ships subordinate to these services to distinguish them from ships subordinate to the United States Navy, with which they share a common ensign.

House flags[edit]

House flags 1900.jpg House flags ca. 1900

Coastwise emblem[edit]

Used by ships which engages in coastwise trade, or transport of passenger or goods between two local ports, in the Philippines.