Mathew Street, Liverpool

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Mathew Street map[edit]

The following street map is showing the positional relationship of each media under Mathew Street, Liverpool.


Stanley Street
Eleanor Rigby statue
Eleanor Rigby Statue Liverpool.JPG
Reiss / Piano bench
Piano bench, Mathew Street, Liverpool.jpg
Mathew Street, Stanley Street, Liverpool, 2004.jpg
Mathew Street Liverpool sign.jpg
Mathew Street, Liverpool L2.jpg

Wade Smith
Rainford Gardens Button
Smokie Mo's
Friday Night And the Lights Are Low, Smokie Mo's, Mathew Street Quarter, Liverpool, 2012-10-19.jpg
Elle / Cafe 31 /
The Beatles Shop
The Beatles Shop Mathew Street.jpg
Glass Onion (pub)
(former Hardys (pub))

The Glass Onion, Mathew Street Liverpool.jpg
White Star (pub)
The White Star Pub Liverpool.JPG

Ted Baker

Building Cavern Quarter Liverpool.jpg
Temple Court Rainford Square Harrington
Remeniss 90's bar (pub)
Remeniss, Temple Court, Liverpool.jpg
Rainford Square and Mathew Street, Liverpool.JPG

Cavern Walks & Rubber Soul (oyster bar), Matthew St. Liverpool, England, 2009.jpg
Flanagan's Apple (pub)
(former Cavern Mecca)

Flannagans Apple Pub 2.jpg
Carl Jung bust
Flannagans Apple Pub Jung.jpg
Guinness Time at the World Famous Flanagan's Apple, Matthew St., Liverpool, England.jpg
Fruit Exchange
Produce and Fruit Exchanges.jpg
The Grapes (pub)
The Grapes, Mathew Street.jpg

(car park)
Lennon's Bar /
Fab 4 Pizza
Lennon's Bar & Fab 4 Pizza (closed), Mathew Street.jpg
Mathew Street Liverpool.jpg

Kids Cavern
Cavern Walks
Shopping Centre
(floor plan)
Cavern Walks Nov 21 011.jpg

Cavern Walks Nov 21 011 (2).jpg
Rubber Soul (oyster bar)
Rubber Soul Oyster Bar, Matthew St., Liverpool, England.jpg
Mathew Street, Liverpool - - 94332.jpg
Cavern Walks

Eric's Live (Eric's Club) /

Four Lads Who Shook
the World

Beatle Street, Mathew Street.jpg
Cavern Club
original entrance

Cavern Club original entrance, front view.jpg
Cricket Clothing
Vivienne Westwoood
Vivienne Westwood, Liverpool.jpg
Liverpool Wall of Fame
Liverpool Wall of Fame, Mathew Street, Liverpool, 2007.jpg
Mathew Street, Liverpool - view north from Cavern Club, 2008-08-12.jpg
Flares (pub) /
Cavern Club
Cavern Club - IMG 2353.JPG

Cavern Pub

Cavern Pub, Liverpool.jpg

Cavern Wall of Fame

Cavern Wall of Fame Liverpool 4.jpg

John Lennon statue

Statue of John Lennon in Mathew Street - - 374437.jpg
Mathew Street from Lennon statue's viewpoint, 2012.jpg
Mathew street Liverpool.gif
Matthew Street, Liverpool - view north from near North John Street.jpg
Mathew Street

Hard Days Night Hotel
Hard Day's Night Hotel. - - 544634.jpg

Cool Britannia

North John Street