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// Localizations of a few HotCat user interface texts.
if (typeof (HotCat) != 'undefined') {
  HotCat.messages.commit      = 'Save';
  HotCat.messages.ok          = 'OK';
  HotCat.messages.cancel      = 'Cancel';
  HotCat.messages.multi_error = 'Could not retrieve the page text from the server. Therefore, your category changes '
                               +'cannot be saved. We apologize for the inconvenience.';

  HotCat.categories  = 'Categories';

  HotCat.engine_names.searchindex = 'Search index';
  HotCat.engine_names.pagelist    = 'Page list';
  HotCat.engine_names.combined    = 'Combined search';
  HotCat.engine_names.subcat      = 'Subcategories';
  HotCat.engine_names.parentcat   = 'Parent categories';

  HotCat.tooltips.change = 'Modify';
  HotCat.tooltips.remove = 'Remove';
  HotCat.tooltips.add = 'Add a new category';
  HotCat.tooltips.restore = 'Undo changes';
  HotCat.tooltips.undo = 'Undo changes';
  HotCat.tooltips.down = 'Open for modifying and display subcategories';
  HotCat.tooltips.up = 'Open for modifying and display parent categories';

  HotCat.multi_tooltip = 'Modify several categories';