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The file name you were trying to upload has been blacklisted because it is very common, uninformative, or spelled in ALLCAPS. Please go back and choose a better file name. When uploading files to Wikimedia Commons, please use a file name that describes the content of the image or media file you're uploading and is sufficiently distinctive that no-one else is likely to pick the same name by accident.

Examples of good file names:

Examples of bad file names:

  • "Image01.png"
  • "Joe.jpg"
  • "DSC00001.JPG"
  • "30996951316264l.jpg"

For more information, please see Commons:First steps/Upload form. If you have a good reason for uploading a file with this name, or if you receive this message when attempting to upload a new version of an existing file, please let us know at Commons:Administrators' noticeboard or directly at MediaWiki talk:Titleblacklist. Be sure to specify the exact name of the file you are trying to upload. Thank you.