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  • Description: Describe the contents of the file you want to upload. A description is mandatory.
  • Source: Indicate where the item originally comes from. If you don't know, indicate where you got the item from. Please note that most works found on other webpages are copyrighted and are not freely licensed. Please do not upload files taken from known bad sources, and be careful with uploads from problematic sources.
  • Date: Give the year this work was originally published. If you don't know when that was, give the year the work was created, and the year of the publication you got it from.
  • Author: Who were the author(s) of this work? If it's a photo of some artwork (such as a painting), give both the photographer's name and the original artist's name. For films and audio recordings, also give the director and the performers.
  • Permission: If the work you upload is copyrighted, but you have an explicit permission to license it under a free license, forward any such permission to, and place {{OTRS pending|month=April|day=22|year=2018}} in this field. Otherwise, leave this field empty. (Or use the field to place a specialized copyright tag if none of the choices in the licensing menu is applicable.)
  • Other versions: If you know that there are other versions of this file available at the Commons, link them here, otherwise, leave this field blank.