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License: The Commons accepts only media that are explicitly licensed under a free license, or that are in the public domain. Only upload images from Flickr if the Flickr page states that the image was licensed under the Creative Commons licenses {{cc-by}}, {{cc-by-sa}}, or {{cc-pd}}.


  • Most Flickr image pages contain a statement "This image is public". This is not a copyright statement. It just means that the image can be viewed by anyone.
  • The copyright statement at Flickr is a line saying "© All rights reserved" or "Some rights reserved" or "No known copyright restrictions".
    • If it says "All rights reserved", the image is not freely licensed, and must not be transferred to the Commons.
    • If it says "Some rights reserved", click on that text (it's a hyperlink). This takes you to a license page explaining the licensing conditions for that image. If that license says anything about "non-commercial" or "no derivative", it's not a free license, and the image must not be moved to the Commons. If it only mentions "attribution" or "share-alike", then it's basically ok. But check our image casebook to see whether it really might be acceptable here.
    • If it says "No known copyright restrictions", the Flickr image is in the Flickr Commons. Such files may also be uploaded here. (For such images that come from the U.S. Library of Congress, it may be worthwhile though to get an even higher resolution image from the library's own repository. Check the "persistent URL".)
  • Please note that Flickr, like the Commons, allows anyone to upload any image. As a result, there may be wrongly licensed images on Flickr. Always think about whether the Flickr user has correctly licensed the image. For instance, if it's a screenshot, the Flickr user does not own the copyright and thus cannot license the image freely. See our guidelines and hints on some help on this.