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en:ISO 639-1: 'en'

Note to the admin fulfilling the request: This code will go to: MediaWiki:Gadget-RenameLink.js

  Loading script: Loading script

Note to the admin fulfilling the request: This code will go to: MediaWiki:RenameRequest.js

submitButtonLabel: "Request renaming",
proceedButtonLabel: "Proceed",
cancelButtonLabel: "Cancel",
headline: "Renaming a file",
lNewName: "Enter the new name",
tNewName: "Enter the desired file name",
pNewName: "new name",
lRationale: "Rationale according to the policy",
tRationale: "Provide a valid reason or select one from the table",
pRationale: "Select a reason",
lReason: "Additional explanation / reason / justification",
tReason: "Optional: Provide details",
pReason: "additional reason or justification",
lAccept: "I acknowledge that repeated non-justified rename requests will block this feature for me.",
invalidRationale: "Select a valid rationale",
nameToShort: "Name is too short",
newName: "Please specify a *new* name",
notTheUploader: "Be honest: You are not the uploader",
nameExists: "There is already a file with the specified file name - Please choose another name",
blacklisted: "This name is blacklisted - Please choose another name",
progress: {
        policy: "Loading policy",
        input: "Checking input",
        blacklisted: "Checking whether the new file name is blacklisted",
        load: "Loading Wikitext",
        edit: "Requesting a filemover to move this file"